Use This Sales Script to Book More Work

by | May 30, 2023 | Tips and Tricks

Well, hu-hello there, dear caller! Can I interest you in this must-have, once-in-a-lifetime, shiny sales script that’ll make you wish all your friends and family were telemarketers? *Winks, drumroll* Let’s explore, shall we?

It’s a hassle to show up in person to shmooze and dazzle, so why not use your voice to sell your fab services like landscaping or power washing? Bring in those beloved estimates, charm your potential clients, and get that beautiful committed dosh!

Woo them with sales calls, my friend! Get to know your customer as if they were a long-lost buddy. Find leads from every corner and alleyway, even that one cousin you only see at family reunions. Make even the skeptics dance to your delightful sales call tune. Shake hands with committed revenue!

Now, if you fret about being pushy, worry not! Here’s your ready-to-use, sprinkle-with-humor sales script, in a delicious three-step sandwich:

1. Charm ’em up, buddy! (60 sweet seconds)

Butter up your conversation by introducing your lovely self and your thriving company name. Break the ice with a heartwarming hello, and find that warm n’ fuzzy common ground to connect with.

“Hey there, [prospect name]! It’s Sam Jenkins from [your company]! You see our [service] we gave your neighbor? A perfect 10, I tell ya!”

2. Give them the goods (30 seconds of flashy truth)

Flash your fantastic wares, and explain why you dropped in for a chat. No selling just yet, partner! We’re building a lovely bond, here.

“We’re masters of [xyz], and boy, is it that time of year again! Just wanted to help you like we do with [current customer]. Whaddya say?”

3. Make it worth their while (5 wholesome minutes)

Make your client feel worth every precious second by asking them insightful queries – your secret ingredients for the perfect sales pitch!

“Imagine we’re best buds, and tell me: what’s your dream result? What have you tried before? How’s your budget doing these days?”

With this snazzy recipe, you’ll be whipping up more business than a fresh batch of pancakes at a Sunday brunch! *Jazz hands* So, be confident, humorous, and let that fabulous sales call script work its charm for you *wink*.

4. The service pitch (3 minutes)

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up, because I have a solution for your fantastic conundrum! As it so happens, your situation is a classic case of the ol’ razzle-dazzle we’ve seen in this neck of the woods before. Good news, though — we have the perfect package to cure what ails ya! Allow me to present the magnificent combo consisting of [X, Y, Z services]. And worry not, my good [prospect name], for I shall come prepared with extra materials to tackle that mysterious additional surface you speak of. So sit back, relax, and let’s put a stop to this predicament in less than 5 minutes, because nobody wants to hear me ramble on, am I right?

5. Close the sale

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the grand finale! Before we part ways, let me try to juggle these options for you: would you like to move forward with our astounding offer? Or perhaps you’d prefer an awe-inspiring quote to ponder over? Better yet, let’s grab our calendars and mark a date for when I can bring my traveling show to your humble abode! Whether it’s this Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday, I’ll be in your area spreading joy and cleanliness!

Why this sales script works

Let me reveal the secret behind our magical sales call script – it’s all about focusing on the customer! You see, if we tried to skip from step 1 to step 4, our act would fall flat on its face, and you, dear prospect, would instantly see through our flimsy facade.

Take this scenario, for example:

“Hello, my name is Sam, and I run Sammy’s Power Washing Emporium! We’ve got a deal on second-story windows that’ll blow your socks off!”

Oh, dear, that’s when the customer might think, “Well, it’s really my main floor windows that are oh-so-dirty… I suppose this Sammy fellow isn’t the one for me.”

But fear not! Stick to our whimsical script, practice until you can dance through it with finesse, and you’ll see results that’ll truly amaze!

After those sales chats, what’s next?

So you’ve had a successful sales call, congrats my friend! But don’t lose that momentum – strike while the iron is hot!

  • Sending an estimate? Whip that baby up and shoot it over straight away via email or text, ready for that sweet approval.

  •  Are you booking a service call? Lock it in, baby, then email that confirmation with pizzazz!

  • Still without quoting or customer management software? Fear not, we’ve got a solution for you!

Tips for those pitch-perfect sales calls

Every sales call is a wild ride of learning. Starting out? Brace yourself for some no’s! But fear not, just pick out what worked and shake off the rest.

  • Start with your handy-dandy list of prospects to dial up. Get those leads from referrals, flyers, ads, or a good ol’ client list. Keep that list fresh and organized, so you never run out of eager ears!

  • Loosen up! A sales script is a great guide to keep you on track, but don’t let it strangle your natural banter. Chat away, make connections, but make sure you cover your selling steps!

  • Give ’em options, not orders. Nobody likes to be bossed around. Involve your prospects in the decision-making with questions like “How does that sound to you?” or “Do you want to hear more about that marvelous option?”

  • Be an open book about what comes next. Closed the sale? Let them know the next steps – payment methods, certification, insurance – all that lovely stuff. They’ll appreciate your transparency and feel more secure in your capable hands!

  • Don’t go for the kill; it’s all about the thrill of the chase. If your prospect isn’t quite ready to commit, stay friendly and ask thoughtful questions. Keep a note in your CRM and keep it cool – building a relationship is more valuable than closing the deal too soon.

Ready, set, dial!

Whether you’re making the calls, or training a team of call-making wizards, nailing phone sales gives you a leg up in business.

The key? Show off your expertise, be the friendliest person on the line, and don’t be shy to ask for that sale!
Practice makes perfect, so find your groove and create a sales-call strategy that’ll keep those leads rolling in!