3 Landscaping Bid Strategies to Bring In More Contracts [Expert Tips]

by | Jun 18, 2023 | Tips and Tricks

3 Hilarious Landscaping Bid Strategies to Rake In More Contracts [Expert Tips]

Landscaping buddies, gather ’round, because getting more clients and landscaping their worlds into Zen paradises is the game! And we’ve got some pro-tips from The Dirt Monkey himself – Stanley Genadek – to get your green thumbs itching for some action.

So buckle up, buttercup, and learn about client budgets, residential vs commercial jobs, and the magic of building relationships – all in Robin Williams style!

Our contributor: Stan “The Dirt Monkey” Genadek – a legend in the landscaping world with his $1.5 million company and a massive following on YouTube and Instagram. He’s also a co-founder of , which offers webinars, coaching, and mastermind groups. What a guy!

Plan Numero Uno: Crack the Client’s Budget Code

  • Here’s the thing – knowing your client’s budget is a win-win. The last thing you want is to spend hours driving to a job only to have them bail because it’s too expensive.

  • As Stan says, “I’ve spent hours on the road to look at a $5,000 job, and the customer walked away and said, ‘Oh, I thought that was going to cost me $500. Yeah, I’m not doing this again.”

  • So the goal is to figure out the client’s budget before hitting the road. Even if the client doesn’t know their budget, Stan’s got a strategy:

  • “Well, I can build you a job that’ll cost anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000. What I need to know is what they’re comfortable with so I can build something to match their comfort.”

  • Boom! Now you’ve got a ballpark figure to work with, and you’ll score points for working within their limits.

Tip #2: Pick Your Landscaping Court – Are You Team Commercial or Team Residential?

  • Here’s the big question: commercial or residential clients? The choice is yours, but Stan the Man is Team Residential, and he’s got a good reason.

  • “Commercial work is a really fast way to go broke. The profit margins aren’t there. With residential work, our profit margins were 35-40%.”

  • Commercial work can be tricky too – late payments and all that jazz. So think about your focus and weigh the pros and cons.

Last but not least: Build Relationships with Clients like a Star!

  • Commercial clients might be all about the best quote, but residential clients need that personal touch. Spark up a connection, and you’ll have more chances to win bids and grow your landscaping kingdom.

  • And that’s it, folks! These expert tips are your golden ticket to replenish your contracts, get your hands dirty – and have a blast while doing it! Now, go rock their landscaping worlds!

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6. So, you’re somewhat shy? Never fear, Robin is here! Joining clubs paves the way to building self-confidence like constructing your own personal Tower of Power. Mr. or Ms. Wallflower no more!

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