10 Best Appliance Repair Apps to Run a Smarter Business

by | Jun 25, 2023 | New Features and Updates

Top 10 Hilarious Appliance Repair Apps for a Smarter Business
Just like a rubber chicken and whoopee cushion, appliance repair apps are essential gags in any repair professional’s prank box. The best apps can turn your repair business into a well-oiled comedy machine—and even help it expand like a funny clown car.

Behold, the ten knee-slapping appliance repair apps for every sidekick and star technician—these will assist you with everything from scheduling giggle-worthy repair jobs to booking encore performances.

Greatest all-in-one appliance repair app for orchestrating your laughter business

1. Bizvalet

Starting Price: Only $9/month | Platforms: Android, iOS, and that ol’ desktop

Bizvalet is an app and software that enables teams to send laughable estimates, dispatch hilarious installs and repairs, and track them all in one comical place.

Imagine Bizvalet as every appliance repair app you need to manage your funny business in one—use it to receive chuckle-inducing repair requests, track client info, schedule zany jobs, invoice, and accept guffaw-worthy payments.

The Bizvalet app is particularly fantastic for directing a fully booked joke schedule and sending appliance repair comedians on the road, assisting you in saving precious moments between punchlines.

Your rib-tickling appliance repair company can use Bizvalet to:

  • – Make hilarious scheduling a breeze
  • – Zippity-zap job assignments to technicians with a drag-and-drop calendar and dispatch techs from any comedy club
  • – Organize client info and humorous job history
  • – Navigate to the next scene of laughter with GPS tracking
  • – Automate those laugh-out-loud invoices
  • – Send clients snicker-filled confirmations and gig reminders
  • – Attach uproarious warranty information to jobs and client accounts
  • – Accept payments online, in person, or with a funny handshake, all while tracking any unpaid laughter debts

Oh heavens, darling, what would I do without my precious Bizvalet? I’d be lost! Adrift in a sea of appliance repair chaos!

1.  It’s always there for me, like a knight in shining armor, except, you know, for appliance repair. With the speed of Mercury and the prowess of Einstein, the efficiency is out of this world!

2.  A one-stop-shop for all your appliance repair needs! An all-you-can-eat buffet of categories, and trust me – I’ve got an appetite! Every appliance under the sun, Bizvalet takes care of it with a little sugar, spice, and everything nice.

3.  My dear, let me introduce you to my good friend Joe Gallagher from Semper Fix Appliance Repair LLC. He loves Bizvalet just as much as I do! We meet up for tea and discuss everything from washer-dryers to refrigerators. How divine!

As the great Robin Williams once said (or maybe it was me), “Bizvalet is like a cool breeze on a warm summers day, darling. A Swiss army knife for appliance repairs!”

More apps to spruce up your appliance repair biz, my friends!

2. Fixably

Best Appliance Repair Apps to Run a Smarter Business

Holler for the price!

Fixably is like the superhero repair software you never knew you needed until now! It whips up a jungle of repair service work like a pro, showing Mr. Manager and Technician Tim all those upcoming gigs, the whereabouts of gizmos, gadgets, and doodads, and even sweet-talking those fine customers for you.

3. WorkWave

Ring-a-ding for the rate!

WorkWave is that zippy little app that plays Cupid between you, your appliance repair fam, and those distant field soldiers. Not only can it juggle schedules, clock those working hours, stash the who’s who of clients but also rakes in the dough for those repair jobs, cha-ching!

Being the Robin to the Batman of small and medium-sized businesses, WorkWave can seem slightly clingy at times, with the support team playing hide-&-seek on occasion.

4. Appliance Repair Estimate Template

Best Appliance Repair Apps to Run a Smarter Business

Freebies! Mobile and desktop

Like taking candy, or rather, an estimate from a digital baby, this doozy of a tool lets you scribble in company info, client deets, services, and pricing before throwing out a pretty lil’ PDF for your customers.

Fancy jazzing up your template? Bizvalet’s got your back! Logo, colors, tracking, online signatures, and even sprucing up your client interaction with the classy client hub – your wish, their command!

5. FleetSharp

Best Appliance Repair Apps to Run a Smarter Business

Gratis (with the purchase of FleetSharp Device) | Android and iPhone

This GPS magic lets you micromanage your work wheels like a champ! Perfect for squeezing in a whole day’s work without breaking a sweat. Save time and fuel expenses by avoiding detours.

Find it, monitor it, zip through the day with FleetSharp and their handy-dandy GPS device. Go on, get FleetSharp’s GPS device to pimp your ride! 

6. QuickBooks Time

Best Appliance Repair Apps to Run a Smarter Business

Starting at $30/month | Android, iPhone, and desktop

No more monkey business, get QuickBooks Time to whip your repair crew’s time and attendance into shape! Let them punch in, punch out, and fill in their timesheets with style.

If you’re already BFFs with QuickBooks Online, say hello to easy peasy payroll by syncing employee time tracking data like a boss!

7. Holy Profit Margin Calculator, Batman!

Best Appliance Repair Apps to Run a Smarter Business

Free | Mobile and Desktop

  • Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce the wondrous Profit Margin Calculator by Bizvalet! This bad boy will conjure up some amazing insights into the profitability of your appliance repair business, faster than you can say “nanu nanu.”

  • All you gotta do is input your labor, material, and overhead costs, then throw in what you charged (or plan to charge) for a repair job. Voila! The calculator will magically reveal the exact profit margin for that job. It’s like having a psychic genie in your pocket!

  • But wait, there’s more! If you have a target margin in mind, worry not! Just fiddle around with your prices and see what concoction will help you hit that sweet, sweet profit spot. So go ahead and give it a whirl, it’s free and so much fun, it’ll have you saying “carpe diem” all day long!

Apps to spruce up your appliance repair biz and keep those jobs rollin’ in!

8. NiceJob – The Social Media Guru

Best Appliance Repair Apps to Run a Smarter Business

Starting at a mere $75/month | Sure, it’s got and desktop.

Ever wanted to be the appliance whisperer? NiceJob helps you track the buzz on your repair skills across social media and review sites. You’ll know who’s raving about you, share those success stories on your website, and send gentle nudges for more reviews.

Voila! More time saved, a glowing reputation, and customers flock to you like magnets! Plus, you’ll have stacks of for your marketing. Can you say #winning?

9. Pipedrive – The Sales Master

Starting at $14.90/month per user | Find it on , , and desktop

Pipedrive is the sales CRM for heating up your pipeline, keeping track of client chats, and building those oh-so-powerful connections that help you close deals like a champ.

You and your trusty appliance-fixing sidekicks can use Pipedrive to reduce those pesky administrative tasks. Say goodbye to manual contact imports and hello to smooth follow-ups with potential customers.

10. Canva – The Creative Genie

Best Appliance Repair Apps to Run a Smarter Business

Canva Pro: $16.99/month

  • Need a little creative razzle-dazzle? The  app is your one-stop shop for jaw-dropping marketing designs perfect for social media, web ads, swanky flyers, and more.

  • Channel your inner Picasso with Canva’s treasure trove of appliance-related stock photos and graphics. Starting from scratch? Whip up a logo and pick a  that’ll make you stand out from the crowd.

Ready to fly higher? Let these appliance repair apps help you soar in the office and on the job site.

Take it one step at a time, adding these tools to your digital arsenal, and embrace the ones that transform your appliance repair biz into a well-oiled machine.