9 Tried and True Marketing Ideas for Your Painting Company

by | Jun 11, 2023 | Tips and Tricks

7 Hilarious yet Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Painting Biz

Struggling to find clients after opening your painting company? Fret not, for we’re here to bring some Robin Williams-inspired humor into your marketing game and help you discover the right strategy to liven up your business!

First off, let’s decide which clients you want to tickle (or paint) pink: residential or commercial? Though commercial clients offer more long-term commitment (and who wouldn’t want that?), residential painting adds an artistic touch and takes away the stress of deadlines. So, let’s dive into seven humorous yet effective marketing ideas for your residential painting business.

1. Conquer Google My Business like a true King (or Queen)

Your Google My Business profile is like impressing someone on a first date—every detail matters. So, claim your digital throne and make sure every aspect of your profile, from location to contact information, is accurate and spiffy. Don’t forget to check and respond to reviews—it’s always nice to have a little chit-chat with your subjects…err, customers.

2. Build a website as easy as finger-painting

No need to break out the Picasso skills here—a simple and user-friendly website will do the trick. Include your awe-inspiring logo, contact details, areas of service, and some kind words from your clients who just can’t get enough of your painting prowess.

3. Channel Sherlock Holmes with local SEO magic

To keep the game afoot (and people finding you online), sprinkle your website with important terms and phrases, such as “master bedroom muralist” or “exterior home glamorizer.” Also, make sure to throw in your location and contact information—you never know when someone might be craving a spontaneous painting consultation!

4. Plugins, assemble!

Remember, with great website responsibility comes great usage of plugins. As your company flourishes, add chatbots or appointment booking links to help capture those eager paint enthusiasts.

And there you have it—whether you’re painting the town red or just brightening up someone’s living room—you now have the marketing strategies to bring humor and success to your painting business! So go ahead, get creative, and become the Van Gogh of marketing!

5. Embrace the wacky world of online ads

Ah, online ads – from Google’s cat GIFs to Facebook’s dancing avocado advertisements, they’re all the rage right now! Sure, they might require a bit of time and effort at first, but soon you’ll be swimming in the sweet ocean of autopilot online marketing.

There are loads of platforms out there that’ll do all the hard work for you (hooray for laziness), like our buddy Bizvalet and its fabulous Mailchimp integration for targeting your audience.
Don’t worry about blowing all your cash, just start out easy-peasy, set a budget, and do some research. You’ll be tweaking and focusing your strategy like a pro in no time!

Curious about social media advertising? Fear not, we’ve got .

6. Say “Hello” to direct and digital mail

Why not go old school and hop on the snail mail bandwagon? Digital or direct, getting the word out about your fantastic services has never been so exciting!

Digital mail – with its newsletters, postcards, and special offers – is perfect for keeping in touch with the Jonses and encouraging repeat business. The convenience of shooting out an email is just too hard to resist.

Don’t sweat about drowning in a sea of individual emails, there’s software out there to do the heavy lifting for ya!
Feeling a little more retro? Go on, indulge in direct mail, door hangers, and all that snazzy print advertising. It might target a broader market, but it’ll reel in new clients like a magician!

7. Whip up a referral program

Why not give your current clients the gift of spreading the word about how spectacular your services are?

A top-notch referral program depends on knowing how to ask (pretty please?), rewarding your lovely referring clients, and shouting about your program from the rooftops. Trust us, you’ll soon see new clients flocking in like birds to breadcrumbs.

8. Whip up some snazzy business cards

Business cards, a must-have for your house painting biz, are a surefire way to spread the word about your artistry. With your trusty logo, business colors, and fonts in tow, you’re ready for the next step.

Now, you may not be a Michelangelo of design, but fear not! The world is your oyster with numerous options at your disposal – graphic designers, web-savy geniuses, and friendly neighborhood print shops, where you can choose whatever tickles your fancy.

Remember, keeping it readable is essential! Ensure your cards sport crystal-clear contact info and include that you paint houses with a flourish only you can accomplish.

9. Time to tango with social media profiles

Social media, my dear friends, is like a delightful dance, and your profile is your partner. Trust me, your Google My Business, website, business cards, and social ads will all thank you for it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “The social media universe is infinite!” Relax, you needn’t explore every corner. Choose the platforms that suit your needs and waltz with them gracefully.
As an intrepid house painter, consider joining the ranks of Instagrammers showcasing their masterpieces and satisfied customers on this visually-focused platform.

Who knows?

You may be rewarded in unforeseen ways: glowing reviews, referrals, increased visibility—all priceless treasures for your digital voyage.

Maximize your marketing’s mojo

  • Marketing, my esteemed colleagues, doesn’t come in a ready-made suit. It’s tailored to your business, appealing to your target audience, budget, and resource wardrobe.

  • Allow your plan to evolve as your business flourishes and refines its focus.

  • Embark on a journey with a chosen few initiatives, assessing those seemingly simple yet brilliant ideas in our list to concoct a potent potion that will aid your painting business in reaching dizzying heights.