57 Plumbing Interview Questions to Find Top Plumbers

by | Jun 7, 2023 | Tips and Tricks

57 Plumbing Interview Questions to Make You Go “Holy Pipes!” to Choose the Best Plumber

In search of the best plumbers to join your team? Don’t sweat it! You’ve stumbled upon the right place, my friend! Here, let us guide you through the finest technical, behavioral, and role-specific questions you should ask during a job interview to find a perfect plumber to join your league of pipe legends!

General Plumbing Interview Questions: Welcome to the Party!

These questions will give you a snapshot of the candidate’s life and proficiency in the wild world of plumbing. In no time, you’ll gain insights into their experience, motivation, and horoscope sign (okay, maybe not the last one, but you never know!).

1. Tell me about yourself (please don’t skip the fun bits).

2. Describe your greatest plumbing adventures and your valiant victories as a plumber.

3. What’s your secret sauce? What makes you stand out in this world of pipe warriors?

4. What makes you happy as a plumber? Other than unclogging toilets, of course.

5. What magical plumbing certifications have you summoned?

6. What tales have you heard of our ever-evolving plumbing realm?

7. Why do you think you’re the plumbing hero we need and deserve?

8. Having a valid driver’s license is so mainstream, right? You got one, my mate?

9. Give us the names of two or three mere mortals who can vouch for your plumbing prowess.

10. Any more questions from your curious mind?

Technical Plumbing Skills Interview Questions: The “Are You Truly Worthy?” Section!

These technical questions aim to uncover if the candidate possesses the mystical plumbing powers needed to tackle the most troubling pipe predicaments!

1. What magical objects are an absolute must-have for a plumber on the job site?

2. Which potions from the alchemist do you recommend to unclog those devilishly blocked drains?

3. Sherlock Holmes had a deerstalker; how would you trace the hiding spots of sneaky pipe blockages?

4. What’s your take on installing steel plumbing under a sink, and why?

5. Give us a play-by-play of your slithering snake routine that conquers those clogged pipes.

6. PVC or Copper pipes? Why? And don’t worry, we’re not going to start a civil war over this.

7. Before designing a plumbing wonderland, what’s the first gem you seek?

8. What are the sorrowful tales of sump pump failures, and what causes them?

9. Have you ever ventured into installing an air conditioning beast? Walk us through your odyssey.

And there you have it! 57 plumbing interview questions, complete with a splash. With this treasure trove in hand, you’ll be able to find the ultimate plumber to take your team to plumbing paradise! Happy interviewing, and remember: “No job is ever too big or too small… for a plumber.”

Plumbing Interview Questions to Find Top Plumbers

Ah, commercial plumbing, the Big Leagues! Let’s crack those knuckles and dive into some questions, shall we?

  • You ever graced an office building with your pipe-laying skills? Tell me about that adventure.

  • What about laying pipe for an entire floor, like a real plumbing Picasso? Where’d ya begin?

  • Hit me with your most challenging project, the “Moby Dick” of plumbing gigs. How’d you conquer it?

  • Blueprints, building codes, all that jazz – ever have to play detective to finish a job? What were you Sherlock-ing for?

Now, the real medical drama: hospital plumbing! Pass the scalpel, we’re going in.

  • What kind of hospital plumbing hi-jinks have you experienced? Give me your best “Grey’s Anatomy” episode.

  • Ever dive into the medical gas and oxygen installations? Walk me through your breath-taking performance.

  • Enlighten me on your approach to repairing or installing medical gas and waste disposal systems. It’s like “Mission: Impossible,” only for plumbers!

Ah, residential plumbing – pipe dreams, and picket fences. Can’t forget these gems.

  • A clogged pipe stands before you like the Sphynx. What’s your first move to defeat it, oh wise one?

  • Multiple showerheads demand your expertise. How do you keep the water pressure rockin’ and rollin’?

  • Ever play architect and design plumbing systems for new homes? Share your creative muse!

  • You take out a toilet, only to find a rotted floor underneath – cue the horror music! What’s your action plan?

  • Baptize me with your wisdom on installing water-based heating systems.

  • Got a fancy alternative to a conventional water heater? Dish out the details.

  • A homeowner’s got a leaky complaint, and you’ve got solutions! Give me your best plumbing pep talk.

Plumber Interview Questions: 

Plumbing Interview Questions to Find Top Plumbers

Behavioral plumber questions to make you giggle and ponder
Inquiring about some real-life scenarios, huh?

Alright, here are some behavioral questions to throw at your plumbing protege to see if they can really handle the watery wilderness:

1. Spill the beans on that one time you flushed the competition with your A-grade plumbing customer service!

2.  So, what’s the drill (pun intended) with safety on the job? Got some cool gear you like to rock?

3.  Care to regale us with tales of that absolute monster of a plumbing job you conquered? How’d you wrestle that beast into submission?

4.  Difficult customers – we all have ’em! Got a juicy story about making a good impression on one of those hard-to-please folks?

5.  Have you ever had to play Aquaman in a team of superheroes? What was your superpower?

6.  Working with that one villainous teammate – how did you save the day together?

7.  Tell me about the time you had to go all Sherlock Holmes on a job with incomplete clue- I mean, instructions.

8. How do you prevent your day from clogging up when dealing with multiple service calls?

Plumbing-role rainbow – apprentice, journeyperson, and master!

Let’s tailor the questions based on their rank in the plumbing world:

Plumbing Interview Questions to Find Top Plumbers

For the apprentices learning pipe-fu:

  • – Why did you choose the adventurous path of plumbing?
  • – Have you dipped your toes in plumbing before? Or are you plunging right in?
  • – Got any secret plumbing talents you’d like us to know?
  • – What’s the countdown to your journeyperson exam? (Only applicable to states that require them)

Questions on deck for journeyperson plumbers:

  • – How long have you worn the coveted journeyperson plumber title?
  • – What mix of training, schooling and mystery-solving adventures have prepared you for plumbing life?
  • – Give us the deets on the gnarliest problem you’ve solved as a journeyperson plumber.
  • – Where do you see your plumbing fairy tale going in five years?

And last but not least, the grand poobah, master plumber inquiries:

  • – How long have you donned the master plumber crown?
  • – Enlighten us on how you stay in the loop with all the plumbing gossip and trends.
  • – What was the most mind-boggling, awe-inspiring job you’ve had to tackle as a plumber?
  • – Spent time mentoring a plumbing padawan? Do tell!
  • – How do you douse those pesky team fires when conflict bubbles up?
  • – Tell us about your plumbing vision board – any lofty career goals?

Dollar signs: Questions to ensure you meet their gold-coin dreams

To make sure the treasure chest meets their desires, try asking these questions about compensation:

  • – What coin count do you fancy for this position?
  • – Seeking a specific salary range, are we?
  • – How do you imagine your riches stacking up in this role?

*Pro tip*: Be prepared to sail the high seas with an ideal pay rate in mind before you dive into the interview process, making it easier to answer any questions tossed your way!