5 Ways to Write Better Customer Service Follow-up Emails [With Templates]

by | Jun 3, 2023 | Tips and Tricks

5 Snappy Ways to Jazz Up Your Customer Service Follow-up Emails [Featuring Templates]

As the captain of your business ship, you’re in charge of steering towards greatness, honing your craft, and forming a big ol’ jazz band with your clients.

One of the grooviest ways to jam with clients is by hitting the right notes in your follow-up emails after the curtain has closed on a project. But, there’s no one-size-fits-all encore for every business and every situation, so it can feel like trying to remember punchlines without knowing the jokes.

Fear not, my fellow jesters! We’ve got five fabulous examples of customer follow-up emails that’ll turn you into the rock star of post-service correspondence.

Ready to join the band? Use these 5 melodic messages in your follow-up emails to customers:

1. Encore: Email to confirm service completion

When your gig’s over, don’t keep your audience guessing! A follow-up email after nailing your service—or jamming mid-tour with a recurring service—gives your business that headliner vibe.

Slip in a heartfelt thank-you, and you’ll have your clients chanting your name for a comeback. This way, you’re opening the stage door for future collaborations and keeping your clients tuned in for another round.

Check out this pitch-perfect example of a post-service follow-up email:

Example of an email to serenade your client after project completion:

Hey [NAME],
Our team just brought down the house with [WORK DESCRIPTION]. If you need an encore or an explanation of our services, just holler my way!
Thanks for grooving with us, and we can’t wait to hit the stage with you again in the future!
Keep rocking,


2. Crowd interaction: Ask for feedback

  • Praise turns the volume up on your strengths, while constructive criticism helps you fine-tune your performance, fix issues, and keep your groupies coming back for more.
  • Both types of feedback fine-tune your employees and help your business soar like an eagle playing a keyboard. But, most clients won’t throw roses (or tomatoes) unless you give them the spotlight.
  • Strike up a conversation with your clients and request their honest critiques in a consistently charming manner with a follow-up email. Throw in a smiley face or two for good measure!
  • I use our fans’ thoughts and feelings to pinpoint the high notes and sharpen our not-so-rockin’ areas.

Jerry “Jazzy” Jerome Jr. Winters Landscape, Inc.

To score some useful responses from your customer satisfaction email, let ’em know you’re listening in your follow-up email:

Example of a rocking follow-up email for client feedback:

Hey [NAME],
[COMPANY] just wrapped up your backstage experience.
If you’re curious about the work or service our team provided, don’t be shy – give us a shout!
We’re always striving to be the rock star of customer service, and we’d love to hear your thoughts. If you could take a moment to answer our snazzy survey below, we’d be forever grateful!
Keep grooving,


Ready to join the audience?

  • Rate Plum Landscaping from 1 to 10 in the Battle of the Bands!
    [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

  • When you receive rave reviews from a fan, don’t stop at the encore! They might be ready to give you a standing ovation in the form of a testimonial or referral, but only if you take the mic and ask.

PRO TIP: Some band leaders dish out a bonus for every 10/10 performance review they score. It’s like giving your team a pep talk from Freddie Mercury every single time!

3. Schmooze ’em with upsells

Alright, listen here, kiddo! When you’re sending that follow-up email, focus on their needs – it’s all about them, you hear? But hey, once you got that sorted, sneak in a little upselling action. You never know when they might want to spring for that weekly house cleanin’ gig instead of a one-timer, or when they’d be keen for a maintenance contract rather than just a quick fix!

Slide in some info about your rockin’ service packages, and maybe – just maybe – throw in a newbie discount to sweeten the deal. Hey, you never know until you try, am I right? Bet they’ll love you for it!

Here’s an example to spark your Email:

Heya [NAME],

Our superstar team just wrapped up [WORK DESCRIPTION] – nailed it! Now, just a thought, but if you’re keen on turning this into a regular shindig, we’re offering a sweet 20% discount just for new customers who sign up for our weekly or monthly party-packages.

Wanna make it a date? Or got questions about any of our other insanely awesome services? Give me a buzz and we’ll chat!

Thanks for your business, looking forward to our next rendezvous!


4. Play the referral game

Alright, so you’re looking for more business, huh? Start with those clients who already adore you! A top-notch testimonial goes a long way. Once you got yourself a sparkling referral program, let your customers spread the good word right after you’ve finished your job.

Need a little motivation to get your clients chatty? Try this on for size:

Hiya [NAME],

Our crew just knocked [WORK DESCRIPTION] outta the park – another job well done!

Now, if you want to spread the love and tell your pals about us (I mean, who wouldn’t?), we’ll give them a [% OR $ DISCOUNT] off their first shimmy with us, just for dropping your name. And guess what – you’ll get the same sweet deal for your next fling with us!

Thank you, superstar. We can’t wait to see you again soon!

Ciao for now,

5. Give your social media a little “oomph!”

  • Social media can boogie-woogie-woogie with your clients and bring valuable traction to your business, baby!
    If you’re jiving on social media (and really, who isn’t these days?), sprinkle a little follow-up email glitter on your customers and shimmy them towards your oh-so-awesome

  • Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram dance floor.
    Once there, your clients can waltz into snazzy deals, moonwalk through exclusive promotions, and keep up that electric slide with your business’s latest buzz. Plus, if a client gives a thumbs-up or shares your groove, their entourage will jump right in on that conga line!

  • That’s right, free rave reviews without spending a dime!
    I’ve tucked in links to our Google and Facebook pages in our staff’s email signatures like secret love letters, and nestled them in our invoice templates and job follow-up forms. It’s like getting reviews for free, baby!
    Saray Voycey

To jazz up your social media and other marketing platforms, try a customer service follow-up email with a sprinkling of humor, like this:

Example of a follow-up email that’ll make ’em laugh (and check your social media):

Hey there, [NAME],

Ta-da! Our daring team of superheroes just conquered
A hearty thank you for choosing our fabulous services. We can’t wait for another thrilling adventure together!
(Psst! Wanna know how to keep your home spick and span with some DIY magic? Follow our breadcrumb trail to Twitter and Facebook for groovy tips, wacky video tutorials, and a dash of sparkle every week!)

[NAME], [Role Extraordinaire]

Ready to charm your way into your clients’ hearts, gather the golden nuggets of feedback, and give your business that extra pizzazz?

Get your hands on one of these fantastic five customer service follow-up email templates and let the good times roll!