5 Ways to Stay Competitive on Customer Service

by | Jun 15, 2023 | Tips and Tricks

5 Hilarious Hacks to Crush Customer Service Competition

Darling, if you want to see your business soar like an eagle in a tacky toupee, you’ve got to provide customer experiences that make them come back for more, like a moth to a flamboyant flame. Trust me, loyal customers are five times more likely to purchase again, and four times more likely to bring their buddies along for the ride.

Now, I know you’ve got a lot on your plate, dear entrepreneur, but how do you make every encounter with your fine establishment one for the history books? Here are 5 strategies, served with a side of time-saving tech, that’ll keep you at the top of the customer service game. Bon appétit!

1. Be Faster Than a Jackrabbit on Red Bull

✓ Let customers play “book that appointment” online
✓ Answer questions with the speed of a caffeinated hummingbird
✓ Send friendly “I’m coming!” (or “I’m late!”) texts

Oh honey, nobody wants to wait, especially when there’s a problem to be solved! Stay ahead of the competition by becoming the master of lightning-fast solutions. 


Let customers play “book that appointment” online

The cool kids are all about booking online these days, so become the prom queen of appointments with a sleek little form right on your website.

Keep it simple, like my third marriage – just the essentials to get that appointment locked down. The more you streamline, the more they’ll scream your name!

5 Ways to Stay Competitive on Customer Service

Answer questions with the speed of a caffeinated hummingbird

Alright, you’ve made a date, but now it’s time to keep the romance alive by keeping your clients in the loop with all the juicy details.

With the magic of Bizvalet’s automated love letters, customers can check job deets, see who’s on their dream team, and even give a thumbs up or request a little switcheroo. And don’t leave ’em hanging when they text you back – see it all in Bizvalet and get your flirt on!

5 Ways to Stay Competitive on Customer Service

Send friendly “I’m coming!” (or “I’m late!”) texts

Before you waltz through their doors, give your clients a heads up with appointment reminders they can’t resist. Not only will they be prepared for your grand entrance, but they’ll also appreciate the courtesy call.

And with just a tap and a twirl in Bizvalet, they’ll know whether you’re on your way (like a knight in shining armor) or running a little late (just blame it on the caviar).

2. Give your customers a personalized, laugh-out-loud experience

✓ Remember the quirkiest details for every client and job
✓ Suggest amusing premium packages or add-ons

Strengthen bonds with your customers by offering an unforgettable, tailor-made experience for each. Be the person they trust and chuckle with while working in their homes—yes, it’s “personal”!


Recall the peculiarities of each client and job

Keep track of quirky details for every client and job with ease. Store all your amusing notes and images in one hilarious client relationship management (CRM) platform.

Attach sticky notes to every client in your CRM—like fun facts about their property or oddball requests—so your crew can provide a unique experience every time.

Don’t hesitate to note down who’s giving you access to the property, or any peculiar pets lurking around.

5 Ways to Stay Competitive on Customer Service

Propose witty premium packages or add-ons

Jazz up the job with some humor, add amusing extras to your quote for clients to choose from.

For example, why not offer a spring clean-up or fertilizer treatment to a mowing job for a client whose lawn hasn’t seen the light of day in ages?

5 Ways to Stay Competitive on Customer Service

3. Show customers the bang for their buck

✓ Use detailed quotes with transparent pricing and hysterical images
✓ Grant clients online access to their quotes and invoices
✓ Showcase images of your marvelous finished work

Homeowners are keen on spending wisely. They need to know where every penny goes and have faith in your top-notch work.


Present crystal-clear quotes with amusing images

Win clients’ trust with professional-looking quotes that display services and prices transparently. Spice things up by adding a funny image for each line item.

Want to give your clients more power over their pocketbook?

Use optional line items to offer hilarious packages they can pick right in the quote before approving.

This helps clients choose their desired level of service while landing you the big gigs.

5 Ways to Stay Competitive on Customer Service

Provide online access to quotes and invoices

Allow customers to peek at their upcoming service visits, job history, quotes, and invoices. A platform like Client Hub lets them check job documents at any time of day.

We all know clients expect the same service from Amazon as they do their lawn-cutting company. The more informed they are, the better. Tough game for the little guy, huh?


Flaunt images of your splendid finished work

Snap photos of your fantastic finished job to give customers reassurance in your quality work.

Integrate platforms to easily add photos with location, time information, and annotations into Bizvalet, which you can share with your customers on jobs and invoices.

5 Ways to Stay Competitive on Customer Service

4. Provide flexible, fun, and convenient service options

✓ Keep in touch using each customer’s favorite communication method
✓ Allow customers to review and approve job documents at their leisure
✓ Simplify payment methods with online and credit card options

By offering convenience and choice in every aspect of service, you ease the customer’s experience and make it an enjoyable one.


Stick to each customer’s favored communication method

Always chat with your customers the way they like it. Are they email aficionados, text message fanatics, or old-school phone call enthusiasts? Find out and make it work.

With Bizvalet, you can easily specify which customers get text messages and collect any preferred contact details.

5 Ways to Stay Competitive on Customer Service

Grant customers 24/7 access to job documents

No more swapping physical paperwork. Customers now expect online access to crucial job documents—be it on their desktop or smartphone.

In Client Hub, customers can sign and approve a quote on any device. They can also check outstanding invoices, make swift payments, and add a generous tip.

5 Ways to Stay Competitive on Customer Service

Simplify payments with online and credit card options

Online payments are all the rage. Keep up by offering online credit card processing and allowing customers to save their preferred payment methods.

For a smooth, contactless experience, set up automatic, recurring payments using saved cards for your loyal patrons.

5 Ways to Stay Competitive on Customer Service

5. Embrace feedback with open arms and a dash of humor

A follow-up email with a twist after every job
Whip up a customer feedback survey à la Robin Williams
Adapt feedback to your processes and policies like the comedy legend himself

77% of consumers will put a brand on a pedestal if it actively seeks out and implements customer feedback. Like Robin Williams seeking a perfect punchline, asking for feedback shows customers you’re committed to delivering the best experience possible, and deepens the trust in your relationship. 


A follow-up email with a twist after every job

Feast your eyes on the value of a post-job follow-up email or text message—a thank-you note with a humorist touch that’ll inquire about customers’ satisfaction with the work you’ve done. Not only does this allow customers a chance to speak their mind, but it gives you the opportunity to go back to the drawing board if needed.

To ensure no time is wasted, prepare automated follow-up emails and texts to promptly collect the much-needed feedback.


Whip up a customer feedback survey

Incorporate a survey into your follow-ups to assess the quality of your customer service as a whole. Draw out the unique strengths and weaknesses of your services and get ready to apply these learnings to future jobs.

Begin with a net promoter score (NPS) survey and ask customers one golden question: “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our services to a friend or neighbor? More importantly, have we earned a standing ovation or just polite applause?”

Running with the feedback baton not only reaps benefits for your customers but enhances your employees’ enthusiasm. Companies that strive to improve their customer experience witness a fruitful 20% growth in employee engagement.

5 Ways to Stay Competitive on Customer Service

Adapt feedback to your processes and policies like the comedy legend himself

Store all customer feedback in one place where you can analyze it. Concentrate on constructive feedback and, as a team, brainstorm how to improve your service experience.

For instance, if customers are requesting specific services, add these to your menu. Or, revamp your appointment reminder schedule if customers require more prep time before your visit.

Stay ahead of customer expectations:

Whether you’re running a comedy club or any other type of business, always remember that customers look forward to an exceptional experience from the get-go, all the way through to the final curtain call.

Keep delighting your customers by quickly addressing their needs, personalizing their experience, showing them the value of their investment, providing flexible options, and—most importantly—listening to and learning from their feedback.