3 Types of Window Cleaning Flyers You Can Use to Bring in Business

by | May 24, 2023 | Tips and Tricks

3 Hysterical Window Cleaning Flyers to Juggle in Business

Window cleaning businesses, you’ve got more choices than a buffet when it comes to marketing! From exciting promotions and rewarding referrals to dazzling branding and hypnotic social media, you can handpick your strategy to charm your dream customers and create relationships that bring in the moolah. If you think flyers are old school, well, think again, my friend! They’re your ticket to success!

Flyers are the magical potion to skyrocket your brand awareness, sweep in new clients and flaunt fabulous deals. And voilà – they’re among the simplest marketing sleights of hand to ace. So let us reveal the secret ingredients, shall we?

Feast your eyes on these three marvelous types of window cleaning flyers that’ll help you build your empire, woo new clients, and catch the eye of potential customers with irresistible promotions: postcards, tearaways and door hangers.

Window cleaning postcards

Ah, the classic postcard! These mailbox-loving, message-carrying heroes have long been domesticated by home services businesses to enkindle their brand’s spirit across specific communities.

Unleash the power of these window cleaning postcards to:

Entice swarms of customers, like the Pied Piper weaving through streets, subdivisions or neighborhoods
Ignite your brand awareness with your iconic logo and signature colors
Feature dazzling promotions, one-of-a-kind offers or discounts

These fetching window cleaning postcards should bear:

A company logo proudly wearing its brand colors
Contact information, such as website, phone number and email (because you’d be lost without them, darling!)
A scrumptious snack-sized description of your sparkling services

Behold a splendid example of a window cleaning postcard from Ukraine Cleaners! It’s crisp, professional, and adorned with a captivating photo. The back is an irresistible visual feast, boasting magical components like:

1. A customizable message (choose-your-own-adventure style)
2. A price estimate (gratis!)
3.  A call to action (“Book your FREE quote online” – talk about a treasure!)
4.  Genuine photos (not the staged kind)
5.  Awed client testimonials (humble brag, much?)
6.  Contact deets
7.  Social media platforms

Every element of this marvelous postcard brims with the charm and charisma of Ukraine Cleaners, portraying it as the trustworthy and legit brand it is. Bravo!

How much will these enchanting window cleaning postcards set you back?

Owning professionally designed, printed, and delivered window cleaning postcards will cost you more doubloons than other flyer options. But fear not! Your investment will be guided by how you design them, which mystical print realm they emerge from, and how they make their journey to mailboxes far and wide.

Mailchimp, a reigning king in the postcard marketing realm, offers to mail your postcard for as low as $0.75c per card within the U.S. And you can sync your window cleaning contact list to avoid doubling up or (gasp!) errors.

Window Washing Door Danglers

Door danglers dangle on folks’ doorknobs, right? They’re easier on the eyes than those pesky postcards and often swing their way into tight-knit territory like ol’ Mrs. Jenkins’ cul-de-sac or that family of raccoons living under your clients’ porch.

Now listen, my window washing warriors, you can use these door danglers to:

1.  Swoop in on specific homes
2.  Pump up the jam on your brand awareness
3.  Flaunt group rates and sweet, sweet special deals

And since you can shimmy into small areas, these danglers are fantastic for brewing up group discounts and cozy connections within particular neighborhoods.

What’s the must-haves on winning window washing door danglers, you ask?

1.  Your biz name, logo, and snazzy colors
2.  A lineup of your services
3.  Call to action: “I came, I saw, I conquered these windows!”
4.  Y’know, the usual contact info like website, email, and Batphone number

Allow me to unveil two wondrous window washing door dangler masterpieces from…well, someplace…

Behold the marvelous features of these window washing fliers:

1.  A 25% discount, baby! (Insert jazz hands here)
2.  Get a free quote, no strings attached (except the one holding this dangler)
3.  Liability insurance? Check!
4.  Contact info aplenty
5.  That logo, those colors, and picturesque images! Cleaner than your windows will be!


This door dangler spills the beans with a cute little paragraph about the company, forging a bond between potential customers and your window-cleaning empire.

What’s the price tag on window washing door danglers?

Like their postcard cousins, crafting and catapulting door danglers can get a bit pricey, but hey, no postage fees! Snip those costs by printing in petite batches and taking over specific streets or just woo the homes surrounding your existing clientele.

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round, for I have uncovered the secret to casting a wide, shiny, and squeaky-clean net for your window-cleaning business! Introducing, the humble window cleaning tearaway flyer! *insert drum roll*

These marvelous, window washing wonders:

1.  Won’t break the bank like those snobby postcards and door hangers.
2.  Are as easy to create as tying your shoes… well, if you have Velcro shoes, that is.
3.  Target all those lovely, unsuspecting folks at community centers, grocery stores, and those charming public bulletin boards!

But all you need to add is the essentials:

1.  That snazzy business name and logo you spent hours doodling
2.  Your oh-so-professional services (hint: it’s cleaning windows)
3. Your contact info so they know who to call – nope, not Ghostbusters

And, my friends, let’s not forget these tearaway flyers can be basic OR fancy – the choice is yours! Jazz it up with colors or keep it classy with black and white, whatever tickles your feather duster.

Now, let’s talk costs for these bad boys. They’re basically as free as a bird, just minus your paper-and-ink expenses. Plus, each tearaway can serve up to ten customers, so you’ll be rolling in the window-washing dough in no time!

And for my final piece of advice: experiment with different designs, messages, and locations. Find what works best for your brand, and don’t be afraid to mix it up! After all, variety is the spice of your very clean, spotless life!

So, my friends, the time has come to unleash the power of the window cleaning tearaway flyer! Armed with this mighty marketing weapon, your client roster will grow like the ivy on that charming little cottage down the street – leaving you feeling as squeaky-clean and successful as the windows you just conquered!