3 Customer Feedback Surveys That Will Make You Look More Professional

by | May 22, 2023 | Tips and Tricks

3 Cosmic Client Feedback Surveys That’ll Elevate Your Professional Aura

Picture this, my friends: You’ve just wrapped up a job for an incredibly friendly client who shoots you that paycheck within a couple of days. Fast-forward a month, and you hit them up asking to pencil in round two. But surprise! They’ve ditched your services for a competitor. Bummer, right?

Cue customer satisfaction surveys, your secret weapon in avoiding those unexpected break-ups by ironing out kinks, highlighting your wins, and keeping the good vibes flowing. So buckle up as we dive into the world of email surveys, enlightening you with reasons to send them, templates to utilize, and methods to dazzle your clients like a pro!

3 Riveting Reasons to Rocket Launch Your Customer Feedback Surveys

Gather ’round as we unveil why feedback surveys are the bees’ knees:

1. Illuminate your strengths and weaknesses.

Running a small business is like walking a tightrope of self-improvement, teetering between brilliance and chaos. Those curious little feedback surveys serve as your safety net, shedding light on your team’s achievements, the customer journey, and areas craving your attention. And hey, when you score some stellar feedback, don’t forget to share the love and give your team a morale boost!

2. Surveys rev up your customer retention engines.

Winning hearts and creating customer loyalty? It’s all about showing you care! Stand apart from those big, faceless corporations by connecting with your clients through the magic of feedback surveys.

3. Surveys grant you your very own constellation of online reviews.

Transform your questionnaire results into shining stars on your favorite review platform. Skip the clients who had a less-than-stellar experience and focus on those who practically shoot rainbows of positivity—they’ll be thrilled to give you those coveted five-star ratings on Google or Facebook.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates:

1. A Simple E-mail, Just for Feedback

You’ve done the job, and now you’re wondering, “Did I make their backyard look like a fairytale, or a scene from Jumanji?” Well, within 24 hours, send off this sweet little e-mail and see what your client thinks (drumroll, please):

Subject line: How’s Your [insert service] Looking, [name]?

Hi [name],
We’ve just finished your [insert whatever fabulous service you’ve performed, and whoa, are we looking for how we can improve! Kindly, let us know by replying to this e-mail (we’ll be there within a day or two), and we’ll hear you out!

2. The 1 to 10 Jamboree

When asking for feedback, sometimes all you need is the good old 1-10 scale. Less dancing around the bush, and more—*tada*—NPS (net promoter score) action! Just ask, “On a 0-10 scale, how likely are you to tell your friends and colleagues how super our services are?” See which customers are happy, and attend to those who need some TLC.

3. Specificity Is King (Or As They Say, “Gettin’ Serious”)

If you want to get *specific,* maybe even channel your inner Sherlock Holmes, send a fancy, detailed feedback survey. You can include multiple-choice questions or free-form answers, and create it with a nifty tool like  or . Just don’t over-survey, and maybe throw in an incentive for participating. And don’t forget to read the responses and let your clients know you’re listening!

Top Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

1. How satisfied are you with our service on a scale of 1-10? Tell us why!

2. What’s the bee’s knees about our [name of service]?

3. If you had a magic wand, what would you change about our service?

4. What can we do next time to put a big grin on your face?

5. Almost didn’t choose us? Tell us why!

6. Any services you’d like to see added to our offerings?

7. Final comments? We’re all ears!

Impress Your Clients with Professional Customer Surveys

Customer feedback surveys not only help you improve and land more business but also make you seem like an absolute *legend!* Automate your surveys with tools like , so you’ll never forget to follow up.

Remember, your customers will appreciate being treated like stars, not just faces in the crowd. So give feedback surveys a whirl and watch your business transform, abracadabra style!