18 Pressure Washing Industry Statistics to Run Your Business Better

by | Jun 2, 2023 | Tips and Tricks

18 Squeaky-Clean Facts To Spruce Up Your Pressure Washing Biz

2023 pressure washing industry trends are bursting with opportunities for service providers, as the market size and demand keep bubbling up.

Gather ’round, folks! We’ve got the hottest pressure washing industry statistics you need to run a dazzling pressure washing business in 2023 and beyond. Pow!

Industry trends in 2023:

Pressure washing services market? Growing like mold on a damp corner!
The demand for pressure washing services is climbing like ivy, all thanks to this big, crazy world and folks moving to the big city.

Ready to make a splash? Now’s the time, and here’s why:

  • The pressure washing market in the US is worth big bucks

  • The industry’s been growing on average between 2018 and 2023

  • There are a whole lot of pressure washing companies in the US right now

    • Leading the pack are Genn-USA Pressure Washing, Scotts Pressure Wash, Eco Cleaning Services, Inc., PWPS, Jacobs Pressure Cleaning, America’s Best Inc, and Imperial Cleaning (get it, Imperial? Cleanest empire in the galaxy!)

Pressure washing equipment?

Hotter than a freshly cleaned grill!
Pressure washer sales are shooting up like a rocket. There’s a growing hunger for electric pressure washers for home and commercial use, not to mention all those car wash stations poppin’ up like daisies.

Check out these sparkling pressure washer stats:

  • The global pressure washer market’s expected to grow a whopping amount between 2022 and 2026

  • By 2025, we’re looking at a sales figure so big it’ll leave you all misty-eyed

  • Newfangled advancements in pressure washer tech are a huge reason for growth in the market in the coming years

  • Hold onto your hoses, folks: By 2030, the market for electric pressure washers will be worth a jaw-dropping sum

Now go forth and ride the wave of sudsy success in the pressure washing world! Just remember to watch out for slippery surfaces – they’re a real hazard in this line of work.

Ahoy there, mateys! Are we ready to set sail on the high seas of pressure washing salary and outlook? Grab your squeegees and your water-proof jackets, ’cause we’re diving into a world of stats where the water is just a wee bit too salty for some.

  • Now folks, let me tell you about this phenomenal industry of pressure washing that currently employs a massive number of fine sailors. This incredible business has the potential to pay a pressure washer technician in the United States an average of… Well, my lips are sealed. Go find out for yourself!

  • And oh, don’t let me forget to mention that the average age of a pressure washer is a top-secret number, too. But prepare yourself to get startled by this tidbit – only 6.1% of pressure washers are women, with the rest being the gents. Ahoy to those fierce female pressure washers out there, making those waves!

  • Now, running a power washing business may seem like swimming against the tide at times, but trust me on this – knowing the right tricks will make you the captain of your ship.

So, without further ado, let’s embark on our journey to discover the hidden gems of pressure washing trends:

1. Online booking:

Avast ye, businesses that offer online booking options receive nothing short of a treasure chest full of bookings. Make new customers feel like kings by letting them request work on your website or through social media – Google search, perhaps?

2. Service Pricing:

Inflation doesn’t just affect pirate booty, my friends. Average home service invoice sizes are soaring higher this year than in 2021. So, raise your prices, meet your profit goals, and make sure you communicate the increase to your customers like the fine sailors you are!

3. Package Deals:

Yo ho ho, who doesn’t love a good bundle? Offer popular pressure washing services with delightful add-ons like soft washing, window cleaning, or deck and fence cleaning, and watch as your revenue increases by an “X marks the spot.”

4. Digital Marketing:

Newsflash, dear friends – the internet is where the treasure is buried in this day and age. The majority of customers search for businesses online before requesting a service, so get your savvy selves on some digital marketing strategies and reach more customers in no time!

5. Customer Reviews:

Ah, online reviews – the guiding stars in a world of endless options. Research shows that a great number of customers do read reviews for local businesses, so kindly ask your patrons for some feedback once their service is completed.

6. Online Payment Options:

Last but never least, digital payments accounted for a jolly good portion of revenue collected in 2022 for home service providers. By offering convenient payment options, you’ll not only get your hard-earned doubloons faster but also improve your customer’s overall experience.

And that, my friends, is how you ride the wave to victory in the pressure washing world. May your squeegees be swift and your hoses be powerful! Yarrrr!