12 Service Business Experts Share Their Best Customer Service Tips

by | Jun 1, 2023 | Tips and Tricks

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round! I present to you the spectacular musings of twelve service business experts, each sharing their most fabulous customer service tips! Hold onto your hats, folks, because we’re about to take you on a laughter-filled journey of customer service wisdom!

1. “Aloha, my friends! Remember to treat every customer like they’re the Big Kahuna. Everyone’s a VIP on this island called ‘customer service’!” – Mr. Tropical Service Extraordinaire

2.“Two words for ya, folks: Active. Listening. Not just with your ears, my dears, but with your heart, soul, and that extra cup of coffee in the morning!”– The Careful Listener

3. “Think of your customers as precious cargo, folks! Handle them with care, and they’ll stay aboard your ship of success, arrrr!”– The Customer Service Pirate

4. “Why did the customer cross the road? To get to the business that greets them with a smile, a kind word, and a heartfelt ‘thank you’! Make ’em laugh, too, if you can manage!” – The Friendly Comedy Guru

5.“Let’s get personal, people! Customize your service to suit every individual’s unique tastes, just like an ice cream sundae with all the toppings! Now, who wants sprinkles?”– Flavorful Service Expert

6. “Apologizing for a mistake may give you more wrinkles, but it’s smooth sailing for your customers when they feel genuinely cared for. Say sorry sincerely, and always make amends.” – Sincere Service Master

7. “No problem? No worries! But when there’s an issue, don’t wait for a magical genie to fix it – be the genie yourself! Solve it swiftly, gracefully, and with a glimmering touch of ‘wish fulfillment!'” – The Customer Service Genie

8.“Look to the stars to guide you, but don’t forget to sail the seas of customer feedback! Keep improving and evolving with each paddle stroke in the water!”– The Astronomical Sailor of Service

9.“Drumroll, please! Are you ready to empower your team with the tools they need to soar to new customer service heights?! Train and trust those spectacular employees of yours…and watch ’em fly!”– The Ringmaster of Employee Success

10. “Serve your customers with a side of trust and a generous dollop of respect, and I guarantee you’ll be savoring the delicious taste of loyalty and satisfaction!”– Chef of Stellar Service

11.“Rise and shine, sunshine! Stay ahead of the game by anticipating your customers’ needs and wants! Be the early bird that gets the worm, or at least that tasty raisin muffin from the bakery down the street!” – The Early Service Sage

12.“Last but not least, listen up, folks! The stage is set for your grand finale: a stellar customer experience that’ll have ’em singing your praises from the rooftops (or at least on Yelp)!” – The Theatrical Maestro of Service

There you have it, folks! Twelve incredible customer service tips from the finest in the service business! Now, go forth and dazzle your customers with the most fantastic service they’ve ever seen!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you about the secret to standing out in this wild jungle of a business world: *drumroll* great customer service! Not only will it put your competitors in the dust, but it’ll also turn your customers into loyal fans who keep coming back for more. Trust me, it’s more sustainable than living on coffee alone (though I do love a strong brew).

We sat down with twelve field service connoisseurs who spilled the beans on their best tips for rocking customer service like a boss.

Here’s the lowdown:

1. Practice empathy (not to be confused with telepathy)

“Get those shoes off and slip into your customer’s for a change! Having empathy is like a secret weapon, bridging communication gaps and creating a better overall experience. After all, who doesn’t need a little more empathy in their lives?”

– Allyn Hane, The Lawn Care Nut

2. Make yourself visible (invisibility cloaks are so 2000s)

“Don’t be a bashful wallflower hiding behind your website! Show your phone number and address, building trust with your dear customers. Treat your team like customers too – be kind and avoid sending emails outside their working hours. In other words, don’t be a phantom, be upfront!”

– Judith Virag, Clean Club Calgary

3. Build relationships (and I don’t mean speed dating)

“Forget flirting, it’s all about relationship building! Whether you cozy up to a sale or not, you’re investing in a connection that will bounce back with benefits. Not just professionally, but personally too!”

– Samantha Wright, Garage Doors

4. Follow the Golden Rule (if you can remember it)

“Great customer service isn’t rocket science: Pretend YOU are the customer. How do you want to be treated? Like royalty, of course! So give your customers the royal treatment that you’d like for yourself.”

– Paul Jamison, Green Industry Podcast

5. Show some love and appreciation (no need for bouquets)

“Slip out of that entitled attitude and dive back into a heart of service. Showing your customers gratitude for their patronage is key! Shower them with thank you’s, postcards, or even treats – heck, who doesn’t love brownies? After all, they’re not just customers, they’re real relationships you’re building. Treasure them, and they’ll treasure you.”

– Keith Kalfas, The Untrapped Podcast

6. A client-tastic experience!

“You know what keeps our company ticking? It’s our clients having the time of their lives! From the office to the field, we’re all about them. We realized early on that they’re after an unforgettable experience, not just another job to be done. It’s like, bam! Problem solved, and we take care of everything! And you know what? Making their lives easier brings that extra magic!”

– Ryaan Tuttle, Team Best Handyman Boston

7. The easy button for communication

“Trash can cleaning business? Sounds stinky, but the key is our pre-visit notifications! It keeps our name unforgettable, just like our smell! Since it’s a recurring service, it’s all about familiarity and being friendly. So they can hit us up for any changes or extra needs. And we always dig deep to know everything about their account, just in case!”

– Brannon Fowler, The Trash Can Cleaners

8. Expecto Patronus-manage!

“Remember: it’s on YOU to juggle THEIR expectations, like a wizard!”

– Ryan Stewart, Posh House Cleaning

9. Consistency, consistency, consistency!

“Got a business? Make sure every experience rings the same bell! Doesn’t matter who shows up, they’ve got to deliver the same super-stellar service every time!”

– Ryan Cochrane, Peak Property

10. Listen up!

“Give them your ears! Let them know they’re your numero uno, always. Make ’em feel like they’re the stars of the show!”

– Ann Lane, Park Lane Plumbing Ltd

11. Fixin’ it before they even know

“Use those ears and solve their problems! We do lawns, right? Sometimes we just bring their empty trash cans up from the curb for them. Go above and beyond; it’s always a winner!”

– Steve Mruk, Potomac Lawns

12. Going above and beyond

“Here’s the secret sauce: under promise, over deliver! It’s a recipe for client happiness.”

– Brian Boase, MIL-SPEC Landscaping