Top 3 House Cleaning Service Software Enhancements

by | Jan 11, 2021 | New Features and Updates

2020 is behind us, and for many 2020 is a year they want to forget. But for the Bizvalet Team it’s a year we’re incredibly proud of! While the world around us was in chaos, we stayed focused and determined to push forward.

Our mission is to develop systems that:

  • Ensure your current cleaning business is as efficient as it can be.
  • Capture as much business from the internet as possible.

This year we rolled out tons of enhancements to our platform. The following are 3 key features that our team has developed and released to all our users in 2020.

1. Abandoned booking recovery.
This feature allows you to better understand how many visitors are interacting with your booking form but aren’t booking for some reason. You can now capture contact info of abandoned prospective clients, so you can reach out and recover customers that were hesitant! This feature is unique to the Bizvalet platform.
You can explore this feature in your backend under the “Abandoned Cart” tab. Below is a link to a video that details the feature and how to use it to get more business.

2. Google calendar integration. 
Bizvalet now integrates with Google calendar, which allows you to continue to push bookings not only to yourself, but assign bookings to your teams and push to their calendars as well! 
Once you link to your Google calendar, our system will automatically push your bookings to it, ensuring that you always have a current and updated calendar – anytime, anywhere. 


3. Payout Reports.
This long awaited report is finally here!
Payout reporting now provides better insight into the bank payout schedule, as well as shows a list of which bookings are included in each payout.

You will see:

  • The payout date
  • Status
  • Card that it’s going to
  • Total amount paid to you
  • A breakdown of which charges this payout contains, along with links to the actual booking
  • A breakdown of all fees, refunds, and anything else

You will always have a clear understanding of where your money is, and a breakdown of exactly what has happened to it!
See how to navigate this here