Are You Tracking Business Expenses the Right Way

by | Jun 14, 2023 | New Features and Updates

A Comedic Guide to Tracking Business Expenses

Oh, ha-ha! I’ve got a question for you, my fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners! Are you keeping track of your business expenses like a pro or more like a chicken running around with its head cut off? Well, never fear, we’re here to help your dollars make sense with a touch of humor thrown in for good measure

Boop-a-doop, here comes the business expenses express, choo-choo! We all know that every single penny in your business affects pricing and profitability, right? So, naturally, you’re gonna want to track your expenses with precision. Thankfully, the technology gods have graced us with some mighty fine expense tracking apps that take the pain away from dealing with crumpled receipts and disgruntled accountants.

But first, let’s get down to basics. What on earth are business expenses? Are they like magical money-sucking creatures? Close!

These little critters are actually any and all costs associated with the operation and administration of your service business:

  • – Job supplies, such as paint, flooring, or fertilizer
  • – Employee wages (those pesky humans)
  • – Job equipment like mowers, pressure washers, or nail guns
  • – Software, like an expense and mileage tracking app (thank heaven!)
  • – Company vehicle payments and maintenance
  • – Equipment and vehicle repairs
  • – Job-related gas, meal, and travel expenses
  • – Cell phone and communication equipment and bills
  • – Office rent, furniture, and utility bills
  • – Advertising and marketing costs (gotta get your name out there, folks!)

Top-notch biz expense tracker apps

1. Bizvalet’s Tiny Titan of a Business Expense Tracker

Say hello to Bizvalet – the Jack of all trades, master of fun for small-to-medium-sized service businesses needing a spot-on expense tracker.

What kind of expenses does it juggle, you ask?

Well, picture a Swiss Army knife, but for your expenses! We’re talking gas, bills, supplies, and equipment, all dancing together under one digital roof. As a cherry on top, Bizvalet even tracks those pesky “other” expenses that are usually left out of the party!

Got a service biz with vehicles? Bizvalet’s got your back! *Insert tire screech here* This party animal of an app helps you record and verify vehicle routes like a champ. Double-check and compare mileage expenses in a breeze!

Now, what kind of bells and whistles come with this bad boy?

• Receipt scanning – Keep your sanity intact and your desk clean from pesky paper receipts by just snapping a photo and attaching it to your expense log. Voilà!

• Mini-but-mighty expense reports – Tired of squinting at Excel sheets? Bizvalet’s expense reports are neat, clean, and oh-so-simple. Glance at everything from single-job costs to monthly mayhem, set budgets, and see if your business is booming!

• It’s a match made in heaven with your CRM – That’s right, take your field service CRM on a hot date with Bizvalet. Combine your expenses with particular clients or jobs – and enjoy the magic of a single software! No extra tools needed, thank you very much!

In a nutshell: Bizvalet’s the killer expense tracker you never knew you needed, but definitely deserve. Give it a whirl and let the good times roll!

2. Expensify Expense Management Software

Sails to the rescue for small-to-medium-sized service business captains who be lookin’ to harness a sea of various expenses that need approvin’ and reimbursin’ with some regularity.

Which treasures does it fish from the murky depths?

Like the mysterious Bizvalet, Expensify can lure just about any expense from the watery depths of the business world. It’ll also throw in some automatic mileage tracking, for that extra bit of pirate-y swagger.

What treasures lie within the Expensify trove?

Well, me hearties, there be a couple of booty-ful things that make Expensify a fine choice for navigatin’ the sometimes stormy seas of small business expenses:
– A pirate’s chest of integrations
– Delegatin’ duties fit for a First Mate

  • Integrations as bountiful as a sunken galleon: Expensify boasts numerous and popular integrations from HR to accounting, travel, tax, and receipts. From QuickBooks to Uber, Expensify gives ye ample booty to plunder, makin’ it a breeze for your software vessel to sail through harmoniously.

  • Delegating and approving like a true Cap’n: Expensify lets you hand over some expenses to your trusty crewmates for approval, reimbursement, or filin’. For example, if you’d rather all those pesky receipts weighed anchors to the accounting department, it’s smooth sailin’ to set up.

3. For those small business captains with but one voyage

Trackin’ mileage costs for your swashbucklin’ endeavors, TripLog be the course you’ll want to set.

Which treasures be-radar?

TripLog specializes in trackin’ mileage costs, offerin’ ye not one, not two, but three different ways to chart your course: an app, a GPS mileage tracker, and a USB mileage beacon.

What wonders await in the TripLog trove?

TripLog hoists a few extra features to help you navigate uncharted waters:
– High-sea Hardware
– Bankin’ and accountin’ buried treasure

  • Hardware to make Blackbeard proud: TripLog dares to set itself apart from other expense and mileage tracking apps by presentin’ two hardware options: a GPS mileage tracker and a USB mileage tracking beacon, both ready to hitch a ride on your ship. Both options ensure smooth sailin’ when it comes to trackin’ routes, drivin’ time, stops-the whole lot, with precision and without human error.

  • Bankin’ and accountin’ the ol’ fashioned way: Just like our old pal Expensify, TripLog features some impressive integrations to help ye navigate the labyrinthine world of bookkeeping and facilitate reimbursement payments. Avast! It’s even compatible with company doubloons (credit cards) and can import transactions from your bank account.

  • Chartin’ a course through expense tracking: Navigating the treacherous waters of expense tracking be somethin’ that every small business owner must endure. From determinin’ your costs to makin’ sure your crew is honest and accurate, trackin’ expenses lies at the heart of steerin’ your ship to the shores of success.