A Case for Carrying Business Cards (and How to Get a Stack Made)

by | May 28, 2023 | New Features and Updates

The Magic of Business Cards: Abracadabra Your Way to Opportunities (and How to Whisk up a Batch)

You never know when life’s gonna pull a rabbit out of its hat – opportunities sprouting like daisies. All you can do is dust off your top hat and be prepared for the magic to happen. That’s where business cards jump in like a fumbling magician’s assistant.

Picture this, my friend – you’re shimmying down the grocery aisle, cart full of goodies, when – POOF! – you bump into someone from your past. You exchange pleasantries between the peas and pizza rolls, and somehow the banter strolls on over to work territory. Casually mentioning your roofing business, their eyes light up like fireworks. Their neighbor’s been pondering some renovations on their humble abode. Sure, it might not happen for a while, but they’re eager to grab your business card and spread the word.

But, oh dear, you don’t have one. No pen in sight either. They promise to pass on your name, but let’s be honest, chances are it’ll slip their mind faster than you can say “hocus pocus.”

Imagine turning that one missed opportunity into a whole hatful – yikes! You get the picture.

The Spellbinding Powers of Business Cards: Generating Business Anywhere, Anytime

business cards

1. When you’re a business owner, the lines between your personal and professional life blur like a befuddled magician doing the ol’ disappearing reappearing coin trick. Whether it’s a grocery store, pub, industry event, or trade show, you’re basically a walking, talking marketing billboard.

2. But for the magic to work, you’ll need two things: a charismatic pitch and an enchanting close. Make your mark with a captivating pitch, but seal the deal with something that sparks action – that’s where the humble business card floats in.

3.  A business card is your secret weapon, even in the most informal settings. You don’t want to be that guy rambling about limited-time offers over cocktails, but neither do you want your pitch to fizzle like a dud firework.

4. With a business card, you conjure up the perfect close that doubles as a call to action. “Give me a call for a free quote,” you say like a seasoned sorcerer, handing over your mystical piece of card. And just like that, you’ve turned potential into opportunity. Voilà!

Ahoy there, future entrepreneurs! Let me tell you a little secret. Want to dazzle potential clients and leave a memorable impression? Look no further – it’s all about the humble business card, my friends!

Now, now, no need to stress. Your wallet won’t be begging for mercy, as these tiny miracles can cost less than $10 for a stack of 100. I kid you not. That’s how the mighty world of networking works, hooray!

What oh what should I put on this puny piece of paper? Well, kiddo, it’s simple:

business cards
  • Your lovely name and snazzy title
  • Your magnificent business name
  • Your prestigious address
  • Your fabulous phone number
  • Your delightful email
  • Your extraordinary website

    For those extraneous details, like hours of operation, save that jazz for the back. People like to visit websites to, you know, stalk you… I mean, learn more about your business.

    Having a wild team that keeps changing? Don’t you worry, generic cards are your best friend! Just remove your personal info – or replace it with a thrilling “Bookings” or “Customer Service” – and you’re ready to rock and roll.

Concerned about designing your fabulous card? Fear not, my friends! There are so many avenues available to you:

business cards

1.  Canva: The kingdom of free business card templates! Add your logo, create a masterpiece, and find a local print shop to turn it into reality.

2. Vistaprint: Fancy and affordable! Score 500 business cards for under $20. Talk about a bargain!

3.  A local print shop: Explore your fine city and find a charming little print shop. They may have design services, or perhaps they offer template designs for a lower cost.

Now, go forth into this wacky world and spread your business card like confetti at a party. They’re free, simple, and will have people whispering, “Wow, now THAT’S a business I want to know more about.” You’ve got this!