8 Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Industry Trends for 2023

by | May 14, 2023 | New Features and Updates

Gather ’round, my dear window washers and pressure-washing mavens! It’s time for a wild ride into the future – the year 2023, to be exact. We’ve called upon the soothsayers and quizzed 20 industry leaders to suss out the topsy-turvy trends they believe will be the talk of the town in the years to come. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the crystal ball and uncover the fantastic transformations that await us!

Trend #1: Systemize or Bust!

A system – it’s not just a fancy word for “organized chaos.” It’s a set of rules and operations that yank you out of the hectic whirlwind and bring sweet, sweet structure to your life. And in 2023, it’s high time more businesses embrace the power of systems – kiss that disarray goodbye, and say hello to consistent results delivered through minimal elbow grease.

Industry Trends in 2023
Industry Trends in 2023

Christine Hodge, CEO extraordinaire, sums it up quite nicely:

“You need a process for everything. Like employee communication – let’s stop playing tug-of-war like a dysfunctional family, and instead, define our roles and paddle together in harmonious bliss. That’s the ticket!”

Trend #2: Scheduling Shenanigans No More!

Turns out that “attracting more clients” and “efficient scheduling” are two great hurdles you’ll have to high-jump over in 2023. Wave farewell to frazzled, unproductive days, and welcome the era of smooth-sailing operations! It’s all about having the right toolkit – reliable processes and top-notch tech.

Industry Trends in 2023

Keith Kalfas, grand poobah of scheduling, bestows us with his words of wisdom:

“Lock in every appointment on that calendar, and use *insert fancy software* religiously! If it’s not on the schedule, it’s like the Bermuda Triangle of tasks – gone forever.”

Industry Trends in 2023

Meanwhile, Dave Moerman, master scheduler, divulges his secret sauce:

“Our master calendar is color-coded like a rainbow, and each crew shines in their brilliant hue. The result? A beautifully streamlined business that runs like a dream.”

Trend #3: Companies that Crunch Marketing Numbers will Grow like Crazy, Baby!

In a survey of businesses, 80% said they nab new clients through good ol’ word of mouth. Other ways they reel ’em in include:

– Google My Business (35%)
– Direct Mail, Flyers & Lawn Signs (35%)
– Websites (30%)
– Facebook (25%)
– HomeAdvisor (10%)

Industry Trends in 2023

Word of mouth is like your favorite dessert, it’s always gonna be there, but it won’t help you conquer the world (or new markets).

In 2023, we foresee window cleaners and pressure washers putting big money on marketing channels they can measure and track like a Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass-ing business opportunities.

Industry Trends in 2023

“Top channels for wrangling up new clients in 2023 are Google My Business and Amazon Home Services. Swap out one-shot marketing tactics for a marketing system, and your business will grow like a beanstalk, my friend!”

Trend #4: Hiring is Still Harder than Finding a Black Cat in a Coal Cellar

Finding the right people for your team is like finding a matching pair of socks – it’s tough! But paying attention to company culture and ditching desperate flings during the hiring process can help you snag the perfect candidates.

Industry Trends in 2023

Focusing on creating a fabulous company culture is key. Take a load off and share the responsibilities, nobody said you have to fly solo!
– Dave Moerman, Owner, Revive Washing

Industry Trends in 2023

Rigorous interviewing can also help bring in the best of the best:

“Your team’s only as strong as its weakest link. During interviews, we stress the importance of teamwork. No more diva attitudes, we set standards and stick to them like Superglue!”

A structured hiring process does wonders too:

“We’ve implemented a hiring roadmap to avoid any wrong turns. Resumes, phone interviews, face-to-face meetings, employee training, and eventually working on the field – this has helped us find the right people for our business.”

Trend #5: Cha-ching! More businesses puttin’ the “fun” in funeral for their profits, hallelujah!

Psst… wanna know a problem service businesses are facing?

Their pricing, my friend! They’re either lowballin’ or just copy-catting their competition’s price tags. No bueno!

Industry Trends in 2023

Dave Moerman, Owner of Revive Washing, pipes up:

“Shazam! Listen up, most home service businesses ain’t charging enough, and it’s creating all these pesky issues. It’s like wearing tighty-whities instead of boxers, no room to breathe! Package deals are the way to go, trust me.”

Industry Trends in 2023

The bottom line: Stop selling yourself short, champ! Play it smart and package it up with pizzazz so that your business grows like gremlins in water – without the chaos!

Curt Kempton, Founder of 5Star.Window.Care, says: “Oh, people love packages nowadays! It’s like being at an all-you-can-eat buffet – they can choose what suits their taste buds, and you get to keep those plates filled with cash. It’s a win-win!”

Trend #6: Toolin’ up, baby! Better tools mean a better business.

Don’t we all love a flashy gadget?

But these bad boys don’t just look cool – upgrading your tools can save you time and boost those dollar-dollar bills. Count us in for 2023!

Industry Trends in 2023

Paul Daly, Founder and CEO of Base Window Cleaners, chimes in:

“Holy guacamole, upgrading to high-tech stuff makes every job quicker than a hiccup! And even though we’re saving just a few minutes, it’s like finding hidden treasure. With our trusty new tools, our earnings skyrocket daily – we’re zooming past our competition!”

Industry Trends in 2023

Then there’s SteveO the Window Cleaner, Co-Owner of , who can’t stop raving about his newfound love:

“Switching to a request → quote → job system for new jobs is like being knighted by technology! No more pen and paper for us, baby – we’re in the digital era now, and it’s saving our bacon. Oh, yippee-yi-yay!”

Trend #7: Superb Customer Service – The Ultimate Cash Cow

Ladies and gentlemen, can we talk about customer service?

The name says it all! You’re in the SERVICE business; it better be good! If not for your magnificent skills, your clients might as well go flirt with those other fish in the sea – your competitors.

Industry Trends in 2023

To be the belle of the ball, it’s all about charm, charisma, and making those clients feel like royalty. If you’ve got that, they’ll not only want to dance with you, they’ll keep coming back for more!

In the futuristic world of 2023, “customer service” is pretty much the same thing as “user-friendly.” Your goal: Make that client’s life so simple they’d be nuts to go anywhere else!

Industry Trends in 2023

So toss some options their way:

– Online work requests? Check.

– Credit card payments? You betcha.

– Painless process from start to finish? Absolutely!

Throw in some quality chit-chat (not just the boring invoice stuff), and you’ll have customers singing your praises left and right!

Trend #8: Network Your Way Out of Exhaustion City

Ever feel like being a business owner is a one-way ticket to a sleep-deprived, burdened life?

Fear not, fellow entrepreneurs! It’s time to embrace the power of teamwork, systems, and (who’d have guessed) your competition!

Industry Trends in 2023

2023’s all about staying grounded, swooping in with phenomenal work, BUT also taking care of numero uno (that’s you!). Keep your eye on the prize, but don’t go cookoo for success – reach out to others for a little helping hand!

Industry Trends in 2023

Surround yourself with some friendly faces, even if they happen to be your rivals in the biz. Share some wisdom and challenges, and who knows – they might send some business your way, too!

Remember, comrades: There’s plenty in this big ol’ ocean for everybody.

2023: Your Year for Glorious Victory

Industry Trends in 2023

Strap in and hold on to your hats, folks – 2023 is the year of embracing change, seizing those reins, and paving the way toward top-notch customer experiences and smooth-as-butter operations!

Dive into these eight fabulous trends, surround yourself with a support group worthy of applause, and concoct the perfect recipe for success in 2023. Onward and upward!