60 Witty Plumbing Company Names to Make Your Business Stand Out

by | May 31, 2023 | New Features and Updates

60 Witty Plumbing Company Names to Make Your Business Stand Out

Ah, the sweet, soothing sound of water dripping… said no one ever! As a plumber, you understand the importance of a unique and memorable name for your business. Your plumbersome (that’s plumbing + awesome) company name is the first thing potential clients see, and it shapes their first impression of your brand.

So, we humbly present to you a list of 60 plumbing company name examples, infused with humor à la Robin Williams, to serve as inspiration in your quest for the perfect name. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Examples of plumbing company names

You’re in for a treat with these 60 plumbing business name ideas, whether you’re looking for a professional, funny, or clever name for your plumbing empire. (Remember, even plumbers need to have fun!

Professional plumbing company names

  • [YOUR CITY] Plumbing All-Stars
  • [YOUR LAST NAME] Plumb-tastic
  • [FIRST NAME] the Plumbinator
  • Holy Plumbing
  • Turbo Pipe Defenders
  • Plumbing Perfection
  • Fix Masters
  • Plumbing with Precision
  • Total Plumbination
  • All-In Pipetastic
  • Plumbing Elite
  • First Touch Plumbing
  • The Plumbing Champions
  • Swift Responder Plumbers
  • Pipetastic Experts
  • Plumbing Excellency
  • Qualified Plumborians
  • Certified Plumb Masters
  • Emergency Plumbing Responders
  • Timeliness is Plumbiness

Funny plumbing company names

  • The Royal Flushists
  • Drains-a-Go-Go
  • You Can’t Handle The Flush
  • Deuces Unleashed
  • Throne Guardians
  • Clog Magnates
  • Flushing Fantastics
  • Flush Master Flash
  • Lord of the Flow
  • Big League Flushers
  • The Immaculate Flow
  • The Clogfather
  • Crappa-rific Plumbers
  • Lavatory Royalty
  • Porcelain Doc
  • Stealthy Leaky Plumbers
  • Crack-less Crusaders
  • The Last Flushdown
  • Hustle and Flush
  • Nightmare to Drips

Clever plumbing company names

  • Plumbelievable Bros
  • Uncloggy Breaky Heart Plumbing
  • Pied Pipers of Plumb
  • Got It Tapped
  • Ebb and Flow Pipe Ninjas
  • Flush Royalty
  • Begone, Leaks!
  • Plumber to the Stars
  • Numero Uno Flusherina
  • The Mighty Plunge
  • Flush-a-Palooza
  • Pipe-Lucid Dream Plumbers
  • Jolly Good Flushers
  • Professor Leaky Pipes
  • Backed-Up No More
  • Clogtopia
  • Drain Drillerz
  • Wild West Water Wranglers
  • Clog Conquerors
  • Dependable Aqua Avengers

How to conjure up a whimsically marvelous plumbing company name

In the mystical world of plumbing and pipe-wrangling, crafting a mesmerical name for your company is the secret sauce to enchanting more customers and outshining your competitors.

Here’s some magical keys for unlocking a divinely splendid plumbing name:

1. Keep it short and scrumdiddlyumptious

– The fewer the words, the easier it is to utter and etch into one’s memory. Aim for two or three delightful syllables.

2. Add some flavorful descriptions

– Sprinkle in a dash of services you offer, like spontaneous leak plugging, unclogging the mystical drains of doom, or toilet-transfigurations.

3. Flaunt your sparkle

– Do you grant swifter-than-light wishes or boast unbeatable genie credit? Make sure your future clientele know by infusing that valuable information into your name.

4. Play with puns, rhymes, and hilarity

– A witty, funny company name sprinkled with a touch of Robin Williams humor will make your, ahem – “plumb business” absolutely unforgettable.

5. Tailor it to your target

– If you’re after young or middle-aged adults, go for the rib-tickling name. But, if your business serves mostly corporate leviathans and master builders, opt for a more professional alias.

6. Spotlight your magical kingdom

– Feature your city, town, or county within your name to generate a charming aura familiar to local customers.

7. Work in otherworldly plumbing jargon

– Inscribe your name with sacred industry keywords like “plumber of destiny,” “magic pipe repairer,” or “ancient plumbing services.”

8. Stay clear of tongue-twisters or mysterious spells

– Keep the sorcery to a minimum regarding long or cryptic names, so your plumbing ‘spellbound’ clients can find you with ease.

9. Recite the incantation

– Ensure your plumbing name’s legibility in both written and spoken forms. Virtually chant it to conjure its sonority.

Pro-Tip: Your plumbing name doesn’t need to unearth every secret. Choose a bewitching title that best encapsulates the enchanting essence of your brand and mystical services.

How to christen your plumbing empire

Branding your plumbing biz in the U.S. of A.

Now, there are three methods to bestow your nifty moniker upon your business in the Land of Opportunity:

1. Entity name:

Be all official-like and state-level protected. Make sure to check with the local government folks if your business needs such protection.

2. Trademark:

Ah, the nation-wide protection of your plumbing empire’s name. No other plumbing virtuosos will be permitted to snatch it up.

3. Doing Business As (DBA)

– In case you want to operate your business under a more mysterious name. Most states require it, you know. *wink*

Pro Tip: To expand your digital footprint, don’t forget to swing by a domain registrar and lock down a fancy URL for your plumbing kingdom.

Christening your Canadian plumbing dynasty

Unless you’re going for an eponymous business, you’ll need to grant your plumbing venture a name in the Great North!

Three ways to do it:

1. Trade name

– Going for an alias? Register your trade name with your provincial government and keep things legit.

2. Trademark

– Those sneaky copycats won’t stand a chance against your plumbing prowess once you trademark your name.

3. Rise to corporate levels

And grab a corporate name in the process. Your business title will be exclusively yours in your province or nationwide (based on your ambitions).

Pro Tip: Throw that potential name into the digital abyss (search engines and social media) before you commit. Ensure no one else is holding onto it in your jurisdiction.

Lay the golden pipes to a profitable plumbing venture

  • With a name that fits like a glove and garners attention, your plumbing enterprise will flourish!

  • So, equip yourself with a catchy name, spread the news, and watch your plumbing business soar.