6 Lessons We Learned About Getting Your Team to Use New Software

by | May 27, 2023 | New Features and Updates

Oh Captain, My Captain! Let’s learn how to onboard that new software without sinking the ship. Here are 6 jazzy lessons to help your motley crew embrace the techno tides:

1. Sing the praises of your new software mateys!

“Show them what’s in it for them, and don’t you go walking the plank with a half-baked presentation!”

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2. Gather a crew of software-swiggin’ scallywags

Get your top dogs together and chart your voyage into the new software realm. Teach them the ways, and they’ll lead the rest of the crew.

“Your champions will be your trusted allies. Show them the treasure map, and they’ll shoulder some of the captain’s responsibilities.”

3. Slow and steady wins the race – or at least avoids a mutiny

Take it one step at a time, landlubber. When you first set sail, let your crew get acquainted with the waters and don’t overwhelm them with too many nautical knots at once. Successfully navigating change requires patience, persistence, and plenty of grog!

Just prepare for some rough seas, because “even the tech-savvy people on our team who can pick up new technologies fast have challenges because you’re still reworking your day-to-day, and learning new workflows.Session – Justine, Head of Customer Success

Do these three things, savvy? And that swanky new software will have your team dancing the hornpipe in no time! Excelsior!

3. Embrace the challenge of change and explain its importance

“Facing change with a smile isn’t a walk in the park. Even our tech wizards who can master new gadgets quicker than you can say ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ still struggle. It’s all about shaking up your daily routine and getting to grips with fresh approaches.

To make sure our whole team stayed as upbeat as possible about these changes, we took a look at what needed fixing in our old ways, so that when the new software was rolled out, everyone was rearing to go and make that change!”

4. Consider a step-by-step approach to implementing change

“It’s always a good idea to break change down into bite-sized chunks, rather than trying to swallow it whole. We started with the easy stuff like email support, and then gradually ramped up to tougher challenges like in-app chat. As we tackled each stage, we gave our team the chance to learn the ropes and become pros before moving on.”

“Taking baby steps means no one gets overwhelmed by a tidal wave of new information. They can develop their skills at a comfortable pace that suits them!”

5. Adapt your training style to suit different learners and give them the time they need

“Everyone learns at their own speed, and rushing through training just adds stress to the mix. Allocating extra time for training gives those eager beavers in your team the chance to get to grips with the new system and help train their colleagues. They’ll have a better understanding of how their buddy next to them learns and works, making the whole process smoother.”

“If someone’s digging in their heels, that’s when you might need a heart-to-heart. Find out what’s irking them – maybe they need extra help or just a reassuring chat about how change can be a scary leap into the unknown. Remember, we’re all unique, so it’s important to make onboarding as tailored as possible.”

6. Remember that you’re doing what’s best for your team and company

“We’ve got customers who are still doodling calculations on the back of a napkin, but in today’s fast-paced world, it’s time to graduate to bigger and better things. The information you’re gathering needs to make a difference in your business’s reporting and future planning.

At the end of the day, you won’t know if a new system is the bees’ knees until it’s in full swing, but you’ve got to give it a whirl. If you can’t rally the troops, you’ll never find a solution that fits the bill.”

Change might be tough, but the thrill of getting your business on track and flying high shouldn’t be overshadowed! Use these tips to get your team on board and ready to embrace progress. And on a closing note, Matej has one last suggestion:

“Make sure you give your hard-working champions and employees a little something to show your appreciation, whether it’s a snazzy T-shirt or a caffeine fix. A little reward goes a long way in creating a buzz of excitement for the changes ahead!”

And don’t forget to treat yourself to a cuppa joe too!