5 Pressure Washing Ads That’ll Help You Get More Contracts

by | Jun 10, 2023 | New Features and Updates

Here are 5 Smashing Pressure Washing Ads That’ll Make You Say “Nanu Nanu” and Get You More Contracts

Pressure washing ads are an amazing way to get your business noticed and make it rain with new customers!

But if you want to be more than just a wet blanket, you’ve got to pick the right platform for your splash-tastic pressure washing services.

In this post, we’ll dance through the array of ad options, throw in some examples just for laughs, and teach you how to make your pressure washing ads sparkle like the star they are.

Give these groovy pressure washing advertising ideas a whirl to skyrocket your business:

1. Pressure Washing Facebook Ads

Facebook ads let you schmooze with new clients in your service area with style. Use these ads to flaunt your brand, direct eager beavers to your online booking form, or shoot targeted promos based on location, age, and interests.

Here’s a trilogy of Facebook pressure washing ad examples to jazz up your business:

  • Use a promoted post to showcase your work and boogie your way into a larger audience’s hearts.

  • Whip up a video ad that tackles FAQs or problems your customers face – like cleaning funky surfaces.

  • Carousel ads let you string up to ten images and videos together. Flex those completed jobs and rave reviews in one nifty ad!

2. How to Make a Facebook Ad That’ll Make Everyone’s Jaws Drop

1. First off, set up your Facebook business page, and strut into your ads manager account.

2. Determine your end game. More website visitors? More leads? Pinpointing your goal helps you create a fab pressure washing ad.

3.  Create a smashing video or graphic using a smartphone or a design tool like Canva. Don’t be shy – show your pizzazz!

4. Add some zest to your message with your phone number, website, and a fancy call-to-action like, “Book now for a groovy 15% off your first house washing extravaganza!”

5.  Target your ad’s dream audience using Facebook’s options like zip code, income, or interests (like “homeowner” or “lover of squeaky-clean surfaces”).

6.  Give your ad a spin with a budget of a couple bucks each day to see how it cha-chas.

7.  Keep an eye on your results – find out which ad or target audience makes the most interactions, website visits, or leads. Then, either boost your budget or tweak as needed.

Pro Tip:  Take your social media ads on tour to Instagram and LinkedIn too. Check their performance and find out which platform hits the high note for your pressure washing company.

Introducing: Guide to Pressure Washing Ads!

Google’s Local Splash-tastic Services Ads:

  • Looking for some wet and wild local customers? LSAs will make it rain!

  • These bad boys pop up when someone screams (or, you know, types) “pressure washing business near me” into Google.

  • It’s all about that pay-per-lead life! You only pay when they come knocking at your (virtual) door.

  • Easy peasy, lemon squeezy: no need for flashy graphics or fancy words. Just your name, Google rating, operating hours, and a (if you’ve got one).

Pay-per-Splash Ads:

  • PPC: Pressure-washing Per Click. Bid on keywords to snatch that sweet, sweet ad space.

  • From there, they can click and get all the deets on your pressure washing website. It’s like online speed dating, but with more water pressure!

  • Side note: you’ll be charged every time someone clicks (hence the name). It’s like paying a cover charge for every dance at the club.

Advertisement via Splashy Lead Generation Sites:

  • Thumbtack, , and Angi are your new besties for pretties. These sites put you right in front of customers looking to get splashed!

  • Ads like this give them the whirlwind tour of your services, ratings, and testimonials.

  • Get ready for those service requests to flood in like Niagara Falls! Cost-wise, there’s either a per-lead or fixed monthly fee.

A Knock-Knock Ad at Your Door:

  • Time for some good old-fashioned flyers, postcards, or door hangers to make the neighborhood aware of your squeaky-clean services!

  • Turn that pressure washing flyer into a splashy, tell-all advertisement.

  • Drop them in mailboxes, spread ’em at local events, or (pro tip!) hand them out to neighboring houses after a job.

The Famous 5-Around Strategy:

  • Borrowing from our pressure washing guru, Dave Moerman, just follow this simple plan: After a job, hand out flyers to the five houses on either side and across the street.

  • You can also create  and post them on community bulletin boards in your local grocery store, gym, public library, or community center. Sharing is caring!

And that, my friends, has been your  Guide to Pressure Washing Ads! Now go, make a splash in the advertising world!


Ah, postcards, those ancient relics of a simpler time before texting and emojis! But they’re not just for “Wish You Were Here” anymore, my friends. Oh no, they can send promotions, seasonal salutations, or even a hearty “thanks for letting us blast all that gunk off your driveway” to your pressure washing customers.

Revive Washing, those scoundrels, take it a step further by personalizing their postcards with neighborly names, pricing, and booking instructions more straightforward than a turkey doing stand-up comedy. Plus, they sprinkle in some positive reviews to coax all those fence-sitting homeowners into action.

Pro Tip:  You can create swanky-looking postcards worthy of a place on grandma’s fridge and send them en masse to your adoring public. 

Door Hangers

And now, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the fabulous world of door hangers! These little attention-grabbers hang onto potential customers’ front door knobs like a koala bear on a eucalyptus tree, making them impossible to miss when the residents return from their daily grind.

Organize your pressure washing business like the boss you are and try those swinging door hangers on for size.

Paid advertising is just the tip of the iceberg (or pressure nozzle, if you will) when it comes to marketing tactics that can skyrocket your brand awareness, nab new customers, and expand your business like your favorite universe-across-the-infinity-of-time-and-space.

Take one of the advertising channels above, set your budget like you’re dealing with Monopoly money, and keep track of that performance! Determining which ads work best for your business means you can then crank up the ad spend and make the most out of your campaigns, you magnificent entrepreneurial warrior, you!