“The Client Experience is #1”: How This Electrician Uses Bizvalet to Save Time and Grow His Business

by | Jun 17, 2023 | How-to's

“Client Experience, Numero Uno!”: This Electrician’s

Shockingly Funny Revelation on Bizvalet, Time-Busters, and Client Love.

You know, professionalism? It’s like that secret sauce, or maybe just a pinch of fairy dust, that takes your business from “meh” to magically fabulous!

Clients see it and can’t help but think,

“Ooh, I trust them!”

And next thing you know, they’re booking you, singing your praises, and practically throwing their pals at your services.

But if your business is running around like a headless chicken, it’s tough to sprinkle that magic everywhere, right?

Enter Jason Courtepatte, the main man of Kite Electric, who’s taken professionalism and made it his mantra from the get-go. In just under two years, thanks to that charming combo of dedication and Bizvalet, Jason has transformed Kite Electric into the electrical belle of the ball.

With Bizvalet as his secret weapon, Jason has automated follow-ups, built smooth-as-silk workflows, and whizzed out invoices like nobody’s business. And voilà, more time for growth, client admiration, and yes, chuckling along the way.

So, what’s the deal with this electrifying success? Well, let’s plug into Jason’s words themselves:

“Seriously, the client hub, the invoice reminders, the customizations…*chef’s kiss*! Folks go nuts for it. Bizvalet is like my trusty sidekick in making client experience top-notch.”

“Now, when I started Kite, I simultaneously started using Bizvalet, and whoa, has it been a game changer. Honestly, imagining life before Bizvalet is like peering into a parallel universe. Pulling Bizvalet out of Kite Electric now? Heh, we’d be in some serious darkness, I tell ya.”


“2020 dumped wild lessons on us that most entrepreneurs might never experience. Overwhelming? Sure. But worth it? You bet!”

Ah, the sweet freedom of time, courtesy of Bizvalet. Jason’s all about creating processes that let his team and clients shine. Has it been hard? You bet, but this electrician’s no quitter:

“I dig the whole paperless thing, always have. But for an electrical contracting company? It’s been a climb, baby. But we’re winning!”

And here’s how Kite Electric rides the Bizvalet wave:

1. Catch the referral

“Our referrals are flowing like sweet electricity! As soon as they land, we use Bizvalet to snag ’em and create that pipeline.”

2. Assessment time

“Once the lead buzzes in, we get in touch for a proper assessment.”

3. Quote ’em like a pro

“With the assessment in hand or some snazzy pictures, we send over a quote. Bizvalet makes it a breeze, and of course, we always add a personal touch to really spark that connection.”

And there you have it, folks. Bizvalet: the electrician’s secret to a glowing client experience!

4. Schedule the job with pizzazz

“Once the client gives the thumbs up to the quote, either with a hearty “Yes!” or through the magic of the internet, we swiftly transform it into a jazzy job that’s ready to be scheduled. Gone are the days of asking my team when they can squeeze in the work – we’re all about catering to the client now, darling!”

5. Send client communications with flair

“I like to be in touch with the clients as much as a loving grandmother with her grandkids! We send them quote links, messages, emojis – you name it! And as the job moves forward, my team of superheroes can effortlessly complete their visits, snap some pics, and wrap it all up with a bow when it’s finito.”

6. Invoice and get paid in a flash

“By the time we finish our site visit, my fingers are itching to send out the invoice! Just the other day, I was up a ladder installing lights and before I’d even left the client’s driveway, they had their invoice winging its way to their inbox. Talk about efficiency – it’s like finding money on the street!”

“The efficiency is phenomenal, my dear!”

As Kite Electric keeps evolving, Jason discovers more and more ways to reclaim his precious time.

“I’ve upgraded to the ultra-futuristic world of automation for some of our sales methods, like quotes and billing – oh my! While a sales manager could chit-chat with clients about fancy options and upsells, I don’t always have that luxury. So tossing it all into the quote is like a time-saving gift from above.”

Jason has found even further efficiency through his mastery of software and created a flat-rate pricing book for swift quoting.

“I built this beauty in Google Sheets, waved my wand to import it into Quickbooks, and from there, it syncs harmoniously with Bizvalet. I even whipped up an app to make that intricate database look neat and tidy, so all I need to do is find the part code, plop it into Bizvalet, et voilà – price, description, and total in an instant! With over 2000 part numbers at my fingertips, I’m ready to roll at a moment’s notice.”

“The client-facing image is the key to my heart”
“Kite Electric is like the charming host at a social gathering when it comes to client relations,”

says Jason.

“I truly believe we don’t win the hearts of our clients with the lowest price tag. No, no – we win them over by showing up first and doing everything within our power to gain their trust and look like the dashing professionals we are!”

“To me, the client-facing image is as important as the icing on a cake. I want the client to feel as cozy and confident as a cat in a sunbeam, knowing they’ve made the right choice in hiring us. I long for them to see that we really do care, we know our stuff, and they’re going to be treated like the royalty they are. And I’m thrilled to bits that our commitment shines through!”