Recover Abandoned Bookings

by | Oct 18, 2020 | How-to's, New Features and Updates

Capturing warm leads for your company is important and there’s a ton of ways to go about doing so.

The current methods that we typically see are the following:

  1. The abandoned modal, or exit intent pop up.
    In which a pop up is triggered when you navigate outside of the browser window. This pop up usually asks for an email (contact info) in exchange for a discount.
  2. Forms requiring an email in order to see house cleaning pricing.
    Without the contact info being input the pricing is hidden. This method likely causes some would-be clients to search competitors as the required email may seem too much of a burden.

While the methods above may work, we thought there was a better way.
We engineered booking recovery DIRECTLY into our form.
Ecommerce platform providers already do something very similar, but no one has adopted this for service providers. Abandoned carts are huge opportunity for ecommerce sites. About 70% of ecommerce carts are abandoned for a myriad of reasons. Our data suggests that the number of abandoned appointment bookings aren’t insignificant. 1-in-4 or 25% of visitors that start a booking don’t go through with the booking in their session.

What this means for your business is that you’re potentially missing out on bookings that you might have been able to close and add to your calendar, had you had the opportunity to find out why the prospect hesitated to check out.

We’ve recently released the abandoned booking recovery feature for home services providers! This is now available in your dashboard under the abandoned booking tab. What this means is that you’ll have the ability to see who started to interact with your booking form but never completed a booking. With this feature set you now have the ability to reach out to warm leads and convert them into paying clients. But don’t delay on contacting your potential customers, studies show that contacting a prospect within an hour yields amazing results because internet leads go cold shockingly fast.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use it!