Payment Reminder Email: 5 Email Templates to Send to Customers

by | May 20, 2023 | How-to's

Payment Nudge Emails: 5 Hilarious Templates to Employ with Patrons

Chasing patrons for payments is as fun as a root canal, but regrettably for many home service mavens, it’s part of the game. Dispatching a payment nudge email is a simple maneuver to jog the memories of tardy clients and help you secure the funds for the sweat you’ve shed.

While hounding overdue payments may have you feeling like you’re prancing on eggshells, worry not! In this informative extravaganza, we will guide you through five affable and expert email templates to claim the riches for those overdue invoices.

For a treasure trove of late payment avoiding wisdom, feast your eyes on this episode of “Ask a Business Mentor,” where seasoned business gurus share their follow-up tricks:

Ready for the amusement ride? Let’s explore:

Amicable payment nudge templates and the precise moments to release them upon your clientele.

These charming payment nudge letters or emails will gently persuade customers with overdue or unpaid invoices.

SUBJECT LINE: Sneak-peek payment nudge from [BUSINESS NAME]


Hope you’re as gleeful as a kangaroo in springtime! A quick nudge to let you know that payment for invoice [INVOICE #] shall make its grand appearance on the calendar on [PAYMENT DUE DATE].

Fear not, I’ve reattached the invoice to ensure its safe journey to you.

Feel the urge to chat about the invoice or discover the secrets of our mystical payment arrangements? Talk to me! Here are some acceptable forms of pecuniary exchange: [PAYMENT METHODS].

Thanks for letting us serve you,

Send this tantalizing invoice nudge email as a parting gift a couple of days before the due date, in order to dodge tardy compensations.

Should you be following up for a recurrent service, feel free to suggest that your customer embarks on an enthralling adventure of setting up .

GENTLE NUDGE EMAIL: On the Invoice Due Date
SUBJECT LINE: Friendly heads-up from [BUSINESS NAME] – Payment’s due today, no pressure!

Hey there, [CUSTOMER NAME]

Just a quick (and humorous) reminder that invoice [INVOICE #], totaling a whopping [$0.00], is due today. No biggie, right? If you need it, I’ve attached that cunning little invoice once again for your convenience.

Go ahead and make an invoice payment today! Choose from the thrilling options like [CASH, CREDIT CARD, ONLINE PAYMENT], just so we don’t have to bother each other about those pesky late fees.

Need help? Questions? A philosophical chat? Feel free to reach out anytime at [PHONE NUMBER] or email at [EMAIL ADDRESS].

Appreciate your business – truly, we do.

SUBJECT LINE: Quick reminder from [BUSINESS NAME] – There’s a payment roaming around overdue!


Friendly visit from your [BUSINESS NAME] friends to remind you about invoice [INVOICE #], amounting to the elusive [$0.00]. It seems to have run a week late (probably got distracted by shiny things)!

To keep those late-payment-monster-fees at bay, please make a payment via [ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS]. We’ve reattached the invoice, in case it scampered off into the vastness of your inbox.

Enlighten us with any questions, comments, or concerns at:
Or, swing by our office: [OFFICE ADDRESS]


Subject line: Overdue payment reminder from [BUSINESS NAME] – Let’s get this sorted, shall we?


Just doing the friendly dance of overdue payment reminders here! We’ve tried reaching you regarding invoice [INVOICE NUMBER], which is now [$0.00] and [TWO WEEKS] past due. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

Attached is the original invoice in case it went on a wild vacation without your consent.

Save yourself from interest fees and late charges by getting in touch with us to arrange payment through these fabulous channels:
– A good old-fashioned phone call at [PHONE NUMBER]
– A lovely email to [EMAIL ADDRESS]
– Or, a refreshing in-person chat at [OFFICE ADDRESS]

Alternatively, pay in full using [ACCEPTED PAYMENT OPTION], and we’ll spare you any more entertaining emails.

Take care,

In all these emails, it’s essential to maintain your sense of humor while being clear and concise about the necessary details. Remember to include invoice numbers and amounts due, and provide options for reaching out or making payment. So, let the show go on!

URGENT – Delayed payment alert from [BUSINESS NAME]!


Oh dear, it seems our third payment reminder is making a grand entrance – just like a jazz-hands performance on Broadway – letting you know that invoice [INVOICE #] for [$0.00] is now fashionably late by a whole month!

As our payment terms have gracefully mentioned, there’s a late payment fee of [$0.00] for those payments that decided to stroll in 30 days past their due date (we know, time flies!).

Eagerly peek at the attached invoice for all those delightful payment details.

Give us a ring or drop a note soon! We’d love to hear how you plan to arrange the payment:

– Chat with our office at [PHONE NUMBER]
– Send us an electronic message at [EMAIL ADDRESS]
– Swing by our office at [OFFICE ADDRESS]

Or just go ahead and make the payment in full via [ACCEPTED PAYMENT OPTION]. Voilà!


When a client is more than a month late, your payment letter transforms into a captivating  letter. Keep the charm and professionalism intact.

The goal here is to entice your customer into responding with payment or sparking a conversation about when they’ll shower you with the funds for your services.

Your payment reminder message is the star of the show, so make sure it includes:

  • Copy of the unpaid invoice that clearly states the invoice number, amount owed, due date, and date it was issued

  • Contact information (like your company phone number and email address) for those clients who want an encore

  • Your preferred payment methods and instructions on how to sway them our way

  • Late fees or interest charges that may waltz their way onto overdue invoices

  • A polite and friendly sign-off


A. Sending a payment reminder email is as easy as snapping your fingers, especially if you’re already communicating through email or text. However, once payments start getting really behind, you can try multiple methods, like email, text, phone, or even sending a good old-fashioned letter by mail.

B. If your invoices and reminders are somehow finding their way to the wrong address, trying different methods can help you reconnect. Just be mindful not to overwhelm your clients with too many messages at once. Give them a few days to respond with their payment before following up with a phone call.

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The most effective way to dodge late payments is by defining your payment terms on your invoices and establishing a payment reminder strategy early on.

With Bizvalet’s invoicing software, payment reminders can be set to automatically send out on any overdue invoice, whether they are behind schedule by a day or even a week.

You can even tailor your messages using one of the delightful payment reminder email templates we shared above, giving you more time to focus on enticing new clients and completing jobs.