How to Send an Appointment Confirmation Email [With Free Templates]

by | May 18, 2023 | How-to's

How to Deliver a Stellar Appointment Confirmation Email [Templates Included]
We’ve all been there; even the most organized clients can mix up dates or let an appointment slip through the cracks. And when that happens? Well, it can throw a wrench in your plansβ€”or worseβ€”result in a last-second cancellation.

But fear not, my industrious friends! Appointment confirmations are here to save the day! Not only do they serve as a friendly nudge to your clients, but they also showcase your professionalism while helping you dodge potential delays and no-shows.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the wonderful world of crafting and sending the perfect appointment confirmation email to your beloved customers.

1. What’s the deal with appointment confirmation emails?

In a nutshell, an appointment confirmation email or text is a message you send to clients before their scheduled appointment. The email typically includes essential details such as date, time, and location, allowing clients a chance to cancel or reschedule if their plans have changed.

2. When should these masterpieces be sent, you ask?

Ideally, fling those appointment reminders into the virtual ether both right after booking and about a day before the appointment. And if your booking is a couple of weeks away, you might want to send a gentle nudge one week prior.

3. You got it, but what should these delightful reminders look like?

Behold! Below are three magnificent email templates tailored to your client-pleasing needs:

After booking appointment confirmation template

SUBJECT LINE: [COMPANY NAME] appointment is locked in!


We’re thrilled that you booked with [COMPANY NAME]! Your [SERVICE NAME] is confirmed for [TIME] on [DAY OF WEEK], [MONTH] [DATE], [YEAR].

Now, just in case you need to cancel or shuffle this appointment around, let us know! You can call us at [PHONE NUMBER] or simply hit “reply” to this email.

Thanks for choosing us, and have a fantastic day!


The first email reminder is like the appetizer of confirmations β€” short, sweet, and just enough to whet your client’s appetite. Make sure to express gratitude, provide essential appointment details, and offer an easy way to make any changes. So go forth, make them smile, and keep those appointments on track!

SUBJECT LINE:Hold onto your hats! Your [COMPANY NAME] appointment is on the horizon! πŸ“…

Hey there, [CLIENT NAME]!

Like a plot twist in a great movie, your [SERVICE NAME] appointment is just around the corner, and we can almost hear the dramatic music swelling!

Here’s a quick reminder of the date that’s going to electrify your life:
πŸ•’ [TIME]
β€’ πŸ“† [DAY OF WEEK], [MONTH] [DATE], [YEAR]

Now, we know life can be as unpredictable as a wacky sitcom, so if you need to reschedule or have any questions about your upcoming blockbuster event (a.k.a. your service appointment), just give us a call at [PHONE NUMBER] or hit reply on this email! πŸ“ž

As always, we appreciate your business, and we’ll be here to give you a standing ovation after your [SERVICE NAME] appointment is complete! πŸ‘

Lights, camera, action!


P.S. – If you’ve booked your life-changing appointment more than 2 weeks in advance, keep an eye out for that mid-point reminder coming to your inbox soon! We’ll make sure you’re caught up on all the nitty-gritty details, and we’ll be on standby to help you rearrange or adjust your plans if needed. ⏲️

Subject line: T-minus 24 hours until your [COMPANY NAME] [SERVICE NAME] appointment! πŸš€

Greetings, [CLIENT NAME],

Your [SERVICE NAME] appointment is so close, you can practically reach out and touch it! Just a friendly reminder that we’ll be seeing you tomorrow at [SERVICE TIME]! 🌟

Here’s your rendezvous point:

In case any last-minute surprises throw a wrench in your plans, we’re here for you! Just call us at [PHONE NUMBER] or reply to this email if you need to reschedule or have any questions before we embark on this thrilling adventure together! 🌍

See you tomorrow, space cadet!


P.P.S. – For an Oscar-worthy performance and seamless appointment experience, we suggest sending a quick text or email the day of the service with an ETA. Your client will undoubtedly appreciate the heads up, and you’ll both know exactly when to roll out the red carpet! 🌟

Let’s set sail for smooth sailing appointment-confirmations!

Here’s the buried treasure, the essential X-marks-the-spot ingredients for that perfect appointment confirmation email or text:

1. Jot down the rendezvous details, date and time

2. What adventure awaits? (Service or appointment type like installations, upkeep, or fixing)

3. Where the compass points (Service location)

4. In case of high seas, how to change course or abandon ship (Cancellation policy or rescheduling instructions)

5. A hearty “thank ye!” for choosing your illustrious vessel (Business thank you)

6. Sign off with your captain’s mark (Email signature with contact info)

Now, to confirm these appointments like a true sea dog:

1. Use modern navigation tools (like Bizvalet) to send automated email or text reminders:

2. Chart your course with automatic client reminders, choosing when and how the message is sent (email or text, or both)

3. Customize your template with a dash of personal touch (variables like client name)

Treasure map for the client (what they’ll see):

  • Appointment confirmation texts and reminder email examples.

Tips for writing a swashbuckling appointment confirmation email:

1. Make your subject line sing like a siren – clear and to the point. Add your business name and service.

2. Hoist the Jolly Roger of service details – appointment date, time, type, and anything else they should know (like needing to shut off the water during a plumbing job).

3. No need for extra loot – focus on the upcoming appointment, not upselling additional services or products.

4. Speak the customer’s lingo – follow their preferred communication methods (phone, text, or email).

5. Automate your confirmations like a well-oiled ship – use software like Bizvalet to save time and stay efficient.

6. Ensure your contact info is as visible as a lighthouse – include your phone number and email for easy client access.

By sending appointment reminders, your business will appear as professional and polished as a captain’s coat, reducing forgotten appointments and keeping your calendar shipshape.