How to Promote Your Cleaning Business Like a Pro

by | May 11, 2023 | How-to's

Hello, fellow cleaning enthusiasts! I’m here to share some fabulously hilarious ways to promote your precious butterknife licking, germs un-stickin’ cleaning business like a seasoned pro! Let’s jump right in, shall we?

**Create a squeaky-clean website**

Build an online “cleanverse” where potential clients can gaze upon your sparkling services! Make it as shiny and fabulous as Mork from Ork’s spacesuit!

**Sponsor local sports teams or events**

Little Timmy’s soccer team needs clean uniforms, and you need clients. Everybody wins! Plus, you get to promote your business while cheering people on!

**The magical world of social media!**

Unleash your cleaning superpowers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter! Post before and after photos, share tips that would leave Mr. Clean blushing, and for the love of all that’s tidy, make those dancing mop videos we all need in our lives!

**Optimize your Google presence**

Climb to the sparkling summits of search engine results by optimizing your Google My Business profile! It’ll help new clients find you when they’re wondering how to clean up after their pet llama’s birthday party.

**Show off your mad cleaning skills in the community**

Offer free cleaning sessions at local schools, churches, or community centers! It’ll make you look like Mary Poppins with a vacuum cleaner!

**Reward those wonderful clients**

Treat those lovely people who refer your services with sweet sweet gifts or discounts! You scratch their back, they scratch yours, and you both share a nice pie or something.

**Business cards that sparkle**

Create a business card that’s so clean and glistening, it makes people say “Wow, you can CLEAN!” Include your contact information, website URL, and a fantastic pun. You ‘clean-ing maven’ you.

**Don’t forget about word of mouth**

A good ol’ fashioned chit chat can still win the day! Let people know about your amazing cleaning business over a pumpkin latte or during an interpretive dance class, and watch those referrals roll in!

**Partner up with other local businesses**

Swing by the quirky flower shop or cat café and set up a referral program. They send you clients, you send them clients, and everyone’s business is so clean that we all feel like we’re walking in a dream!

**Automate your email marketing**

Set up automated email sequences that make potential clients feel like they’ve been swept off their feet by a duster-carrying stand-up comedian! Newsletters, tips, discounts? Yes, please!

Remember, my friends, the world needs your cleaning prowess now more than ever! So, get out there, promote your business like a champ, and let’s make this world a tidier place—one mop dance at a time!”

Whether you’re a newbie in the cleaning biz or a self-proclaimed expert, we all know navigating the world of cleaning business marketing can feel messier than a kiddy playpen after a paint party. Fear not, good citizens! We’re here to provide you with the holy grail of marketing knowledge that’ll leave your competitors looking like dusty relics. So buckle up and grab your feather dusters, as we embark on this rollercoaster ride of cleaning service promotion ideas!

1. Unleash the power of branding

How to promote business

Think of your brand as the heroic cape that wraps your business, fluttering majestically as you conquer grime and gory. A killer brand comes from your attitude, your witty banter, the quality of work you perform, and even the mighty cleaning supplies you wield.

To make clients revere you like a superhero, follow these simple steps when creating your brand prowess:

Choose a snazzy name – Pick a clean and crisp name that’ll make clients swoon with the memory of it.

Design an iconic logo– Use a logo maker to create a badge of honor that you’ll proudly wear on your chest – or your marketing materials.

Display your logo on basically everything – From your website to your stylish uniforms, let your logo infiltrate the eyeballs of your clients.

Step into the spotlight – Rally your sidekicks (ahem, employees) and stride confidently into the community, spreading the word of your newfound brand-a-licious presence.

2. Conjure up a marketing strategy

How to promote business

You’ll be more effective at saving clients from dirt and grime if you’ve got a battle plan in place. A marketing strategy is like your secret weapon for reaching out to new clients and measuring your victories along the way.

Here’s how to assemble your marketing crusade:

Set some shiny goals – Maybe your eyes are set on rescuing 20 new clients this quarter, or 10 clients in a fresh territory. Set those goals, superhero!

Identify your ideal client – Channel your inner Sherlock and delve into their demographics, online activities, and motivations for seeking out a cleaning savior like yourself.

Snoop on your nemesis (aka competitors)  – Investigate what they’re doing and gather valuable intel to apply to your own marketing operations.

Choose your marketing arsenal – Armed with information on your clients’ whereabouts, unleash your marketing prowess through the finest channels to reach them.

Plan your budget – A true hero always has a little stash of funds ready for marketing expenses. Don’t worry, we’ve got some sample budgets for your marketing tactics below too.

Alright, enough jabbering, superhero! It’s time to put on your cape, grab that mop like it’s Excalibur, and ride on into the sunset of cleaning fame and fortune. Market on, brave hero! Market on.

1. Good morning, Vietnam! Or should I say, Buenos dias, ladies and gents! Here’s the numero uno spot in today’s hilarious listicle. *Insert snort*

2. Furthermore, I dare say, good sir, never underestimate the sheer power of an uncanny knock-knock joke – a true testament to the limits of humor and downright silliness!

3. Factoid-o-three! The human being, a magnificent creature filled with various thoughts, dreams, and aspirations, also has the unique ability to laugh at a fart sound from across the room. *Raspy pirate laugh*

4. Have you ever played the jovial game where you stick your tongue out and contort your face into unimaginably ludicrous expressions? Oh, the delightful and hearty laughter those youthful escapades evoked!

5. O Captain! My Captain! It’s time to celebrate the power of subtle humor – an epic ballad of wit and snark, paying homage to the great connoisseurs of puns and sarcasm.

6. What’s the deal with canned laughter in sitcoms? Are we so desperate for comedic validation that we’ll settle for a mechanical ha-ha?!

7. Ah, the primate in its natural habitat! A misunderstood jokester who’s simply tickled by the thought of flinging feces. Arooooga!

8. Good sir, in the grand salon of humor, few things rival the jolly jiggle of a fluffy canine, vigorously shaking off invisible water droplets from its fur coat. *Wheezes in laughter*

9. Ayo, it’s ya boy! Here I present the limerick riddle – a concoction of language, rhymes, and laughter stirred into a divine poetic symphony!

10. Now, as we saunter down the memory lane, one word and one word alone shall echo through eternity – Pie. The universal symbol of comic relief long embraced by besmirched clowns, young and old.

So, there you have it, fine ladies and gents! A peek into the whimsical, laughter-inducing corners of this wacky world. 

3. Pssst! You know the best way to spread the word about your cleaning business?

How to promote business

Well, it’s all about using the ol’ word of mouth, my friend! But listen, nobody’s gonna bring you up while sipping on their lattes unless you give ’em something to talk about. So let me share some secrets with you if you promise to keep ’em between us, alright?

Here’s the skinny on pushin’ your swab squad with referrals, my friend:  

Well, it’s all about using the ol’ word of mouth, my friend! But listen, nobody’s gonna bring you up while sipping on their lattes unless you give ’em something to talk about. So let me share some secrets with you if you promise to keep ’em between us, alright?

First off, don’t just clean – CLEAN! Sweep that porch they didn’t even ask you to! They’ll not only love you for it, but they’ll also do the marketing for you. Next up, create a referral program so smooth, even your 90-year-old granny could use it – just leave a little note or send a quick email, and they’ll be singing your praises in no time!

Now, keep tabs on these referrals, so you know who your biggest fans are. You can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be great to help promote your business. And if you spend a little cash on getting the word out there, like say, printing 500 referral cards for $60, imagine that sweet return on investment!

Lastly, don’t forget the magic of reviews on Google and social media. It’s like having a personal referral catapult that keeps getting you new clients!

Pro Tip: Give ’em something to remember you by. Could be a little treat, a handwritten note, or just an impeccable dust-free shelf. Always leave your mark!


4. Say “Hello!” to your new BFF: Social Media

How to promote business

C’mon, don’t be shy! Here’s your big chance to reach out and virtually hug those ideal clients. And guess what? It’s all for free, baby! Just roll up your sleeves and give it a go!

Lemme paint the pic for startin’ up social media:

Whip up biz profiles – First, create your business profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even TikTok if you’re feeling adventurous. 

Post nifty things – Rustle up fun content, keeping followers glued. serve up some delectable content like awesome before-and-after pics, cleaning secrets or a funny gif! Add a sprinkle of hashtags and voilà – you’re attracting all the right people!

Explore movin’ pictures – Have you heard? Videos are all the rage – and you don’t even need Spielberg to make ’em! Just grab your phone, share some insider tips or a sneak peek of a job in progress, and you’ll have viewers glued to their screens!

Jazz up adsMake ads a hoot— But wait, there’s more! To unlock Super Social Stardom, invest in paid advertising to precisely target your dream clients. Ready to amp up your ad game? Whip up a jaw-dropping image or video, add some wit-infused words, and top it off with a killer call to action.

Costs of the social scene:

Zilch, nada, zero! But if you wanna throw some cash at those pesky Facebook or Instagram ads, start with $10 a week and watch your business soar like an unstoppable rocket. And for those up-and-coming video stars, look for free editing apps like iMovie to create your own on-the-fly masterpiece!

5. Design and construct a wacky website

How to promote business

Your website is like your digital bachelor pad for your business – it’s where potential customers can learn about you, check out your groovy work, and shoot you a message to start the party.

In this day and age, even your grandma probably knows how to make a website, so you’ve gotta keep up! To kick some digital tush and compete with your rivals, you’re gonna need a rad site too. Here’s the scoop on how to build one:

Spruce up your website with these nifty tricks:

  • Whip out a website builder: Start small with a freebie tool like Wix (perfect for those with commitment issues). If you’re craving a beefier look but lack the know-how, let WordPress or Squarespace show you the way. Heck, you can even hire a coding wizard to lend a hand!

  • Get chatty: Don’t be like every other Tom, Dick, and Harry – flaunt what makes you unique! Sing your own praises, tell potential clients why they should throw those dollar bills your way, and make it snappy (no snoozefests allowed).

  • Utilize a summons to action (CTA): Ensure your site inspires visitors to do something – make a phone call, fill out a form, or do the cha-cha-cha.

  • Flaunt your enchantments: Feature glowing customer love notes and stunning before-and-after snaps. Let potential customers see what kind of magic you can whip up for them!

  • Bust out a blog: Show off your cleaning prowess through enlightening articles (cue the flashback effect). Share your secrets on scrubbing, organizational hacks, and even your personal journey of dust-busting enlightenment.

6. Dabble in search engine marketing

How to promote business

Ladies and gents, buckle up as we take a wild ride through the mysterious land of search engine marketing! If you’ve got a cleaning business, Google is your new best friend.

Here’s a trio of search engine marketing tactics to scrub up your cleaning business:

– Google My Business: Create a listing and bam! You’re in the search results like a newly cleaned window. Show off your hours, contacts, amazing reviews, and a website link to keep those clients coming.
– Google Ads: Google’s got your back with advertisements for those magical phrases and pay-per-click goodness. Choose between flashy display ads or the ol’ classics, text-based search ads.
– SEO: The secret language of search engines! Whisper the right keywords into your website content (e.g., “cleaning services in Wonderland”) and watch yourself climb the search result ranks.

Here’s how to sweep clients off their feet with search engine marketing:

– Advertise in style: Craft the most fabulous ad copy that outshines your competitors. Highlight your contact info, snazzy value proposition, and a CTA that can’t be ignored. Be sure to add your logo and a stunning photo for display ads.
– Budget like a boss: Start small ($10/week) and grow your budget as your campaign flourishes. Target the best bargain keywords to make the most out of your coins.
– Keep an eye on the prize: Watch your campaign’s progress and adjust accordingly. Once it’s over, check your client gain – this will help plan your future marketing escapades.

7. Email marketing: Cleaning inboxes, one client at a time

How to promote business

Transform your casual emails into deliberate marketing rockets aimed at the heart of your clients’ inboxes.

Forget a simple “Hi, how’ve you been?” – these emails are designed to make your clients fall in love with your services and dance down the loyalty path.

Here’s how to sparkle up your cleaning business services through email marketing:

– Content planning: Mix up your emails with educational goodness and sales pitches. But remember, only one out of five emails should be sales-y. Keep clients hooked with knowledge!
– Craft the perfect subject line: Seal the email-opening deal with a truly tempting subject. Instead of “Cleaning services are 10% off,” try “Book today and save 10% on your squeaky-clean home!”
– Offer the goods: Give your clients something they can’t resist, like cleaning tips, discounts, or top secret tidbits. You scratch their back, and they’ll open your emails.
– Brand those mails: Add your logo and contact details to keep your cleaning business fresh in their minds. Don’t forget to link your website and social media too!

Cleaning email marketing costs

Mailchimp starts free, so all you need to worry about is the irresistible promotions you’ll be offering to your email list.

8. Blast out zany marketing mail!

How to promote business

Hold onto your broomsticks, folks, because marketing mail is about to get bonkers! As an entrepreneurial cleaning virtuoso, you’ll be a master of hilarious postcards, cheeky flyers, and downright hilarious door hangers!

Pick your comedic playgrounds wisely—think specific neighborhoods, your local post office or giving your flyers a personal touch with a solo distribution drive-by.

The cyberworld offers an assortment of tools to turn your marketing mail into a laughter riot, so get to work and include:

  • Rip-roaring company info
  • Snappy contact deets
  • Your “clean” comedy routine
  • Pics of your surprisingly spotless work
  • A jaw-dropping value proposition
  • Rave reviews from giggling clients
  • A too-good-to-be-true discount with an expiration date

When you’re done laughing your way through the design phase, send ’em out! Some top tips for comedic marketing mail include:

  • Cherry-pick strategic locations. Instead of carpet bombing the neighborhood with chuckle-inducing ads (ka-ching!), stay on target! Slap those door hangers in the ‘hoods you want to scrub, drop postcards at real estate and daycare joints, and flaunt your funnies in cafes and community centers.
  • Boldly knock on doors! It’s the perfect chance to perform your new cleaning stand-up routine. Respect the “no solicitors” signs and not-so-funny folks, but if no one’s home, sneak a little hilarity into their mailbox with a grin-inducing flyer or postcard.
  • Keep tabs on your gags. Sprinkle some promo codes in your print ads, so you’ll know which punchlines are turning heads (and getting you clients).

Gleaming mail of marketing costs:

Prices for print marketing mail start at $50 (USD) for 1,000 flyers or postcards, but you can save some moolah on larger orders—or get your DIY on and handle everything in-house! Don’t forget to account for the cost of any discounts or promos.

9. Feature your biz on unstoppable lead gen sites

How to promote business

Listing your cleaning enterprise on superstar sites like Yelp, Thumbtack, Angi, and Homeadvisor puts you on the path to online prominence, as home service hunters will have an easier time discovering your awesomeness.

Follow these steps to unleash the power of lead generation:

  • Choose your platforms with pizzazz. Why stop at one when you can list on all the sites? Manage your glowing reviews on free or low-cost platforms like Angi or TaskRabbit and prepare for a tidal wave of cleaning requests.
  • Pimp out your listing. Share the highlights of your cleaning shenanigans and make sure your clients can get in touch with you in a jiffy! Spread the word to your existing clients and ask them to add to the laughs with their own rave reviews.
  • Sponsor it up! Some sites let you get a leg up on the competition with sponsored listings (we’re looking at you, Yelp), making your business the star of the show. Compile those fantastic reviews and boost your listing to win over new clients!

Also, check out your local directories—no opportunity left unexplored!

• Number Uno – In lieu of the humdrum “hello,” unleash a confounding yet mirthful “ohoy matey!” Avast! Instantly, a conversational whirligig ensues, I tell ya!

• Number Deux – Forsooth, replace the dreary “please” and “thank you” with Shakespearean splendor, exclaiming “prithee” and “gramercy” with merriment and trembling exuberance!

• Number The Third – Summon a pang of bewilderment when parting ways, bidding adieu via: “Fare thee well, thou bilge rat!” (though, it’s all in good fun and jest, mind ye)

• Number Four on the floor – Instead o’ the pedestrian “how are you?,” bamboozle yer fellow interlocutors with, “how dost ye juggle thine existential conundrums?”

• Cinco de Confusion – Disguise words in pig Latin. Ay, verbage such as “umcay andyay eesay, and the game commence!” shall incite a perplexing yet resplendent linguistic tango!


By embracing these unorthodox mots and phrases, verily, thou shalt find thyself a gleeful alchemist in the realm of spirited discourse and incomparable outlandishness. To infinity and beyond, landlubbers!

10. Transform your automobile into a magnificent display

Converting your motorized carriage into a fabulous ad space is a spend-wisely-now, rake-it-in-later concept. Your funding shall not bleed, and the town folks shall be riveted by your cleaning emblem.

Ponder thusly: your enterprise shall flutter in the wind as you rove the roads with your transport. And lo, should it find itself stationary at a marketplace or a patron’s abode, passersby shall gaze upon it and muse over you.

How to promote business

Contemplate utilizing a vehicle shroud, a wrapping that enshrines your automobile. Or perhaps an appliqué, an oversized adhesive image which can be affixed to any part of your steel steed.

To propagate your cleaning dealings with vehicular dressings, simply:

  • Gauge your transport. Ascertain its dimensions, along with the make and model, to ensure your festooning is of an appropriate scale, be it a decal or a vinyl swaddle.

  • Design your creative display. Consult with a local maestro to craft your wrap or appliqué. Determine which information to showcase, such as your enterprise name, insignia, catchphrase, and communication details. Ensure its hue and vibrancy enthrall, whilst maintaining readability!

  • Procure the printed embodiment. Seek out a nearby printery capable of rendering your wrap or appliqué. They may even assist in securing it to your vehicle. Should they offer deals for bulk adornments, acquire many and enlist others to don your branded designs on their vehicular contraptions—thus, further magnifying visibility.

The expenses of this marketing ploy:

  • Crafting and printing an appliqué online may levy $10–50 (USD) in costs, depending on its magnitude. Self-installation is required, but worry not, for it is a simple feat.

  • Engaging with a design establishment may command a minimum of $1,500 (USD) for entirely draping a compact carriage. Larger transports, such as vans, demand even more.

11. Engage with fellow entrepreneurs 

In business, networks are the lifeblood coursing through its metaphorical veins. To construct such a network, commune with the individuals who can aid in the growth of your enterprise: clients, suppliers, or even financial keepers.

How to promote business

Fostering these affiliations opens doors to novel marketing opportunities, promoting your cleaning trade, and encouraging others to disseminate the word regarding your services.

Identifying the prime occasions for such endeavors may be daunting, but consider the following:

  • Frequent trade expositions. Lease a stall to discuss your services. Entice passersby with the prospect of a gratuitous cleaning package—their contact information ensures future communications.

  • Infiltrate community assemblies. Various gatherings exist, with several catering exclusively to business proprietors. Membership grants camaraderie, advertising openings, and insight into community affairs.

  • Involve yourself in communal happenings. Offer your time and contributions to local events, enhancing your reputation while offering goodwill to your community. Every gathering requires polishers, and your apparel, emblazoned with your company emblem, shall not go unnoticed.

  • Launch cooperative alliances. Engage with local enterprises in mutually beneficial arrangements, such as referring clients to one another. This alleviates the burden of finding service providers.

Cherish the understanding that even those who don’t materialize as customers can still aid in promoting your enterprise through lasting impressions.

Networking costs for cleaning dynamos:

  • Trade show booth: at least $3,650 (USD) for a 10×10 space + travel expenses
  • Community association: might have a fee, might be free – it’s like a networking gamble!
  • Volunteering: costs you nothing but time and plenty of elbow grease
  • Business partnerships: just the cost of a charming smile and a latte

Ready, Set, Market!

With your newfound marketing know-how, it’s time to start spreading the word about your cleaning business. Keep at it, stay upbeat, and soon you’ll be the cleaning sensation sweeping the nation!