How to Calculate Your Break-Even Point

by | May 14, 2023 | How-to's

“What’s a break-even point, you ask? Oh, it’s a magical moment, like when you reached the top of the roller coaster and you’re about to go down. It’s when your costs and your revenue engage in a passionate tango, ultimately embracing in a sultry equilibrium.

You see, when you reach the break-even point, not only are you covering costs, but my dear friend, you’re entering the world of profitability! Picture this: If you’re running a fantastic home service business (like Mrs. Doubtfire!) and it costs you $10,000 a month, the moment you make $10,000 from jobs—that’s your break-even point! After that, your pockets start filling with cash!

Now be prepared, we’re diving into simple math, folks. (And oh, let’s pray we never have to do calculus for this!).

To calculate the break-even point, you have to remember three important numbers:

1. Fixed costs:

These are the things that hold you down every month, like rent, insurance, bills, and equipment—the anchors to the cruise ship!

2. Variable costs:

These slippery little creatures change depending on the job, such as supplies, gas, and billable hours. Take a peek at the monthly average by adding up those mischievous variable costs and dividing by your chaotic number of jobs.

3. Price per job:

It’s a difference, alright! It depends on size, materials, the customer’s mood, and whether the moon is in Sagittarius! Just figure out your average price per job, based on your income from the previous few months.

Once you catch these elusive numbers, let’s put them in the great break-even point equation:

Break Even Point Formula


Let’s say our fixed costs are a solid $5,000, variable costs a sneaky $50, and the price per job an unpredictable $250. Our break-even point calculation would look like this: 5000/(250-50)=25. Voilà! We need 25 mesmerizing service jobs a month to break even!

Now, keep your eyes peeled like a hawk (or an alien from outer space!) for any changes in your break-even point.

  • Improve job volume, negotiate better material prices, or sprinkle some fairy dust on your prices. Just remember to tackle those challenges before they turn into a comedy of errors—or a tragedy!

  • Oh, break-even points! Those lovely numbers that remind us we haven’t gone completely bonkers running a business!

  • For all you responsible business owners, I say kudos on knowing your break-even point (BEP) per year, month, and even week!

    Now, stick with me, we’ll explore how your break-even can actually help you:
  • – Discover the magical moment of profitability!
  • – Cut costs like a fruit ninja!
  • – Raise your service prices like a boss!

1. You’re a psychic! Predicting profitability with your break-even point

Break Even Point

Once you hit your break-even point, any extra dough coming in is considered profit! So, use your BEP to tell you how many jobs per month you must do to become profitable.


Say your calculations show you need 25 jobs a month at an average of $250 per job to cover costs. Well, if you pull off 28 jobs, those extra three will bring in the sweet, sweet profit!

In a nutshell: if your revenue falls below the break-even point, no profit for you. If it’s above, cha-ching!

2. The great cost-controlling adventure! Using your break-even point to adjust costs

Break Even Point

Is your break-even point as unreachable as the last cookie in the jar?

  • It could be that your business costs are weighing you down.

  • This means it’s time to trim the fat and lower some costs. Maybe downsize your office? Flatter your vendors into giving you better deals?

  • With lower costs, you’ll reach your break-even point (and profitability) faster than you can say “bean-counting”.

3. Price-setting drama! Using your break-even point to set pricing

Break Even Point

If attaining your break-even point seems like an impossible mission and cost-cutting won’t solve it, then it’s time for plan B:

Raising prices!

  • Consider increasing prices for supplies, labor, or overall job quotes. Tinker with your break-even point calculation to find that sweet spot of realistic price hikes. Then, gear up to achieve your new goals!

  • It could be as easy as raising your prices across the board. Or maybe you should flirt with bigger clients, bulkier jobs, or a fresh service area. 

Breaking even in the thrilling world of service businesses

Most service businesses aren’t profitable from the get-go. But fear not! Knowing your break-even point can give you the scoop on what you need to aim for and whether your costs and pricing structures are in the realm of reality. It’s like taking your business’s temperature and figuring out if you need a little tweak or a massive pivot on your path to profitability.

Stay sharp, and fine-tune your costs and pricing to keep your business soaring toward success!