How to Build a Customer Base With a Strong Online Presence

by | Jun 8, 2023 | How-to's

How to Cultivate a Loyal Customer Base With a Flourishing Online Presence

Ah, 1997 – the year Adair Tree Care began and was ready to leave the nest! Their menu includes tree-surgery (pruning and removal), stump grinding (it’s like toothpaste for plants!) and 24-hour tree EMTs. Keep an eye on your saplings, folks, because according to owner Matt Davis, “We love your trees.” Aww! But that sweet and tender message didn’t just sprout overnight in Calgary.

From humble seeds

As we all know, online, it’s the people who choose your brand, not you. Even so, strive to leave the best first impression on your clients you possibly can!

  • “When you’re talking trees in Calgary, you’re talking premium clients and a ‘Beverly Hills’ vibe,” says Davis.

  • “They expect tree-hugging savants to deliver excellent service from the word go.” Mr. Davis is practically a Jedi Arbor Master with enough qualifications to keep himself tightly wrapped in certificates.

*But not even an expert can pull work out of thin air if they don’t know how to spread the word.

  • Davis took the time to learn the ins and outs of search engine marketing and social amplification early on. “Online marketing was like learning a new language,” he says. “But I studied the tools and experimented to find out what would help most.” Today, Adair Tree Care’s digital presence is in full bloom.

Growing an online reputation

1. Type ‘Calgary arborist’ into Google and watch Adair Tree Care magically appear as Numero Uno and Dos on the search results! This is all thanks to balance, creativity and maybe even a little bit of Google magic.

2. But above all that, Adair Tree Care scores high in organic search because they’ve nailed the art of sharing content. Their blog site is a veritable gardener’s Almanac! Content ranges from caring for motherless trees to info on invasive species and even the local lowdown on tree and shrub vendors.

3. Even though giving away free information doesn’t fatten their wallets, they do it regardless because it helps people grow in wisdom, and their brand blooms because of it. “By the time someone reaches that ‘Eureka!’ moment of needing our services, they’ll already know us and trust us,” says Davis. “That’s the key to standing out from the leafy crowd.”

Harvesting the Comedy of Critiques

1. Beyond the content they share on their website, strengthened by robust SEO magic, Davis uses social media sparingly, sprinkling it with a touch of humor to spark both casual banter and profound chinwags with their audience.

Adair Tree Care’s account is like a visual diary of their tree-tending endeavors, the arsenal of gadgets they employ, a gallery of their client success stories, and a peek into their lives as fellow human beings – essential ingredients in concocting trust in a brand.

“It’s just another tool in the box,” quips Davis. “You’ve just got to learn how to wield it like a Jedi Master for your chosen mission.”

2. The user’s delightful brand adventure carries on to [insert hyperlink that’s both witty and informative], and [another entertaining themed source], complete with a generous dose of eye-catching photos, amusing videos, insightful posts, rave reviews, and the like.

But, the real cherry on top is how Davis wrangles and reacts to [undeniably vital, as this is the go-to stage for folks seeking arborist advice]. The applause from Adair Tree Care’s clientele on Yelp, Homestars, Google Reviews, and other platforms are mostly standing ovations:

“From the get-go with their online quote request to the grand finale of tree removal, clean-up, stump grinding, and mulch departure; these folks ooze professionalism.”

We’ll keep coming back to this company for all our tree-loving needs. Their team is a treasure trove of knowledge, skill, and assistance. Plus, they’re friendly, patient, and understanding to boot.”

3. Basking in the adoration is all well and good, but Davis knows that a few gold stars are just the tip of the iceberg.

“It’s lovely to be showered with praise since we put in blood, sweat, and tears to be the best tree-huggers around,” he jests. “But nurturing our business sustainably means not just hanging up our overalls. We’ve got to keep striving and thriving every day.”

“Fortunately, for us, that’s a walk in the park because who doesn’t love trees?”