30 keywords every residential house cleaning and maid service must know for Google search and ads.

by | Nov 29, 2022 | How-to's, Tips and Tricks

Use these 30 keywords to get your Google AdWords campaign started today.

You want to grow your residential cleaning business and are ready to take the plunge into Adwords. Our video and setup details will help you get a campign up and running quickly.

Get access to keywords, negative keywords and ad copy to setup a successful residential cleaning adwords campaign.

The base keywords this campaign is setup with are the following

  • House cleaning
  • Maid Service
  • Apartment / Condo Cleaning.

From our experience these keywords have consistently converted into paying customers which leads me to SEO.

Optimizing your website for organic search (SEO)

The shared keywords are the same keywords that you should encorporate in your website for search engines to better understand your offerings. Use the keyword list as a guide and get as many of those keywords in the text of your website as possible.

Final words

If you’re experimenting with adwords, I suggest you commit no less than a $500 spend; commiting less money will not allow you to get a real sense of the impact adwords can have on your business.

Actively adding negative keywords is the best way to make your ad spend better over time.