Automate Local SEO in the Cities and Neighborhoods Your Team Works

by | Jun 16, 2022 | How-to's

What is Local SEO and why does it matter?

You’re a service business owner, local SEO is what drives your site visits, phone calls and ultimately business.

“Doing SEO” usually means creating content via blogging, local SEO is creating content for the cities and towns you serve. Local SEO focuses on optimizing a website in order to increase traffic, leads and brand awareness from local search — the people searching for services from a local provider.

If you type in a search like “house cleaner” you’ll likely see results that show local house cleaning companies and national brands that don’t have a local physical presences in your area. Most service providers visit their clients homes, offices, and warehouses and only have one central office that they work out of. Because they have one central office Google and other search engines limit their local SEO value to that one location, which creates a challenge in receiving credit for where you actually perform your services.

So how do these non-local (national) websites appear in your search if they don’t have an office in your city?  And most important, how do you get your website to rank for all the locations that you actually do business in but don’t have a office in?

The answer is not super complex but it can be laborious:

Creating location specific landing pages.

By creating city specific pages with relevant content you are signaling to the search engines that you perform business in those locations. If you create relevant and fresh content you’re showing your prospects and Google that you’re an active business in those cities and town.

Some businesses build service location pages. In the wild, this usually looks like a site with a service locations page that lists out the cities they serve. Generally these pages have very little content and rarely (read never) get updated.

There’s a better way to do this.

We thought about this problem long and hard. Most services business don’t have the time to create and maintain location specific pages but they work in many locations and collect data on the jobs they’re completing just by serving those communities. Generally this data sits in a CRM or some other client/job management tool and only you and your crew know what jobs you did on what day and where. That data tells a story but it usually just sits in a backend.

We decided that we could use that detail rich data to tell your business story. To expose that data our engineers developed a programmatic local SEO offering for all users of BizValet, now available!

The programmatic SEO automation leverages order data and automatically creates location specific pages with micro blog content about jobs complete, cities and neighborhoods served, and all relevant information about the job. This automation runs daily to ensure your local specific pages are up-to-date and generating fresh content. By automating this SEO we’re building relevant pages for business owners that are low maintenance and fresh. This eliminates the need to hire someone to write location specific content.


No writers to manage.

No seo plugins to manage.

All the local SEO!