Accepting Tips from Customers: How and Why Employee Tip Collection Works

by | Jun 5, 2023 | How-to's

Tipping Tips for Top-Notch Teams: The Side Benefits of Accepting Gratuities

Let’s face it, all work and no play makes Jack a tired lad. When you and your fantastic crew go above and beyond for your clients, why not reap the rewards? And no, we’re not talking about an impromptu Caribbean vacation – we’re talking about tips!

If your clients want to express their undying gratitude through tipping, who are you to stop them? All those shiny dollar bills will not only make it rain for your crew but could also help your business thrive. Stick around, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about boosting morale, delighting clients, and the secret to competitive success (hint: it’s Bizvalet).

Which Services Reap the Benefits of Gracious Gratuities?

Tipping isn’t just for waiters or bellhops anymore, folks! There’s a whole wide world of workers scooping up tips for going the extra mile, such as:


  • – Handyman extraordinaires
  • – Junk-busting heroes
  • – Landscape artists
  • – Lawn care virtuosos
  • – Pressure washing pros
  • – Streak-free window wizards
  • – Home cleaning magicians
  • – Pool and spa whisperers

    No matter the industry, there’s always someone ready and waiting to throw some extra cash your way.

The Perks of Perks: Why Tipping Takes the Cake

1. Tip your way to the top

Imagine running a tip-top business where workers feel appreciated, rewarded, and properly compensated. That’s because tips have a way of attracting and retaining the very best of the best. And, let’s not forget about your loyal employees. Give them a reason to stick around and reach for the stars on every job.

2. Money-driven motivation

Let’s face it, money talks. And when it’s flowing in tip-form, everyone feels valued and inspired to put their best foot forward. Plus, as a business owner, you too can bask in the glow of some extra greenbacks lining your pockets.

3. Stay afloat, stay growing

For fledgling or struggling businesses, tipping can be a crucial lifeblood to keep the ship sailing. And even if you’re a smooth operator without a care in the world, tips still provide that extra cushion for emergencies or growth opportunities. So go ahead, invest in that shiny new lawnmower, expand your team, or adopt a mascot – it’s all fuel for the service-driven rocket you’re building.

4. Stellar service = bigger bucks

A well-tipped team has the magical ability to climb the ladder of success by constantly delivering outstanding service. Before you know it, you’ll have a line of glowing referrals to boost your reputation, and through word of mouth, people will be singing your praises to everyone they know.

The Secret Weapon: Bizvalet

Ready to start raking in those tips and reap the whirlwind of benefits?

Well, look no further than Bizvalet – your handy-dandy tool for bringing in the bucks and propelling your business to new heights (now also famous for creating tip-happy teams). Give it a go, and you’ll have happy employees, satisfied clients, and a thriving business. Remember, a tip isn’t just a tip; it’s a ticket to a brighter future for everyone involved!

Ahoy, service business owners! Does the idea of asking for tips leave you feeling like a nervous Mork from Ork? Well, fear no more because  is here to make tip collection easy-peasy!

With , your clients can offer you that sweet, sweet gratuity without you having to channel your inner genie and ask. You simply present them with options like 10%, 15%, 20%, or a custom amount when they pay their invoices online using Bizvalet’s googly-moogly.

Tipping is as optional as underwear at a toga party, letting your clients decide whether to throw some extra moolah your way without any pressure (and we all know how well we work under pressure, am I right?).

1. Bizvalet is ready to swoop in like a butler superhero, allowing you to turn the tipping feature on or off whenever you please!

2. Having smooth and stress-free tipping as part of the invoice payment process means happy clients and even happier business owners.

3. Now, let’s get down to the fabulous paper trail! Each tip will show up in your client’s billing history on Bizvalet like a shiny gold star.

You can see which of your superstar team members are raking in tips and how much they’ll be tossing into the air like confetti. The Invoices Report in Bizvalet offers you a treasure trove of information about tips, team members, and invoice payments.

1. Understand who’s earning those extra dollars, and you can divvy up the spoils among your tip-worthy team like a benevolent boss.

2. Bizvalet’s detailed tip records even help you with payments, transactions, and handling that pesky taxation paperwork.

Ditch the awkwardness of tip collection and embrace the simplicity and power of online gratuity using Bizvalet Payments. Watch your business flourish and your team beam with pride as they earn those tantalizing tips. Ta-daa!