8 Appointment Reminder Templates to Use for Your Service Business

by | May 21, 2023 | How-to's

Hey there, [customer name]!

Just a quick heads up that you’ve got a fab appointment coming up with [business name], and we’ll be performing our marvelous [name of service] just for you!


[secure link]

Got questions, comments, or deep existential thoughts about your appointment? No worries, just give us a holler at [business email or phone number], and we’ll sort things out together!

[Business name]

Thanks to the magic of Bizvalet, you can whip up email reminders with nifty confirmation links right in the message! Once your client clicks “confirm,” it’ll zip over to their account, where they can take a peek at all the details. Voilà!

Greetings, oh marvelous [customer name]!

A wondrous event awaits you! Your rendezvous with the fine folks at [business name] shall transpire precisely tomorrow, as we are set to [service description] at the magical hour of [time]. Kindly send a digital raven (a.k.a email) to confirm your presence in this fabulous affair.

Should any questions or sudden change of heart (heavens forbid!) arise, feel free to reach out to our humble abode via [email address] or [phone number].

Ever so grateful,
[business name]

Salutations, dear [customer name],

Fear not, for this is but a gentle reminder that the one and only [employee or contractor name] shall be gracing your lovely abode at [address] for a splendid session of [service description]. Prior to the arrival, kindly attend to the following – [dog is inside/yard is clean/gate is open, etc.].

For any queries or reschedule requests, you need only drop us a line at [email address] or [phone number]. We eagerly await our encounter!

[business name]

Appointment Reminders in the Form of Text missives

Behold, for those perpetually traversing the realm!

Text messages may be shorter than emails, but they still contain vital information such as the splendid title of your business, the destined date and time of your appointment, and the delightful means of confirmation.

Utilize Bizvalet to expertly craft and schedule an abundance of appointment reminders for your pleasure.

Below, find marvelous text templates for your service business.

Appointment reminder text template #1: post-booking

Greetings [customer name],
[Business name] humbly reminds you of our forthcoming meeting at [time] on [month, date]. Pray, respond with “OK” to confirm. For queries, reach us at [phone number].

Appointment reminder text message template #2: a day pre-service

Hello, [customer name],
Just a nudge from [business name] to remind you of our appointment tomorrow to [service description] at [time]. Confirm with an “OK”. Any questions? Dial [phone number]!

Appointment reminder text message template #3: an hour pre-service

Salutations [customer name],
It is I, [employee/contractor name], from [business name], excited to meet you in an hour! Kindly ensure [dog is inside/yard is clean/gate is open, etc.]. Until we meet!

Appointment reminder templates for chatty chatters

Appointment reminder telephonic chats are the least favored of the triple-threat methods, simply because they devour heaps of time, are a challenge to mechanize, and require a memory that’s as solid as a steel trap (or perhaps just a dependable notepad).

However, if you’re dealing with a manageable number of clients or have a fondness for the old “personal touch,” the good ol’ phone convo may just be the ticket for you!

Unlike those electronic pigeons (emails) and wordy blurbs (texts), phone calls typically take place a mere 1-3 days before the rendezvous occurs. Since calls can be a bit of an interruption to someone’s day, use ’em wisely, folks!

Of course, you’ll also need to gracefully navigate two potential situations:

Crafting a poetic voicemail
– Engaging in delightful dialogue

In either case, position yourself in a hushed sanctuary. Speak with the clarity, tranquility, and professionalism of a zen master. Preparation is essential.

Employing a trusty appointment reminder framework guarantees the conveyance of all vital details in a moment’s notice, such as:

– The identity of the marvelous individual who’s calling (that’s you!) and your esteemed place of business
– The reason for your call
– The “when” and “what” of the appointment
– The method of appointment confirmation

Voilà! Two mind-boggling templates you can use, based on your encounter with the answering machine or the living person:

Appointment reminder telephonic chat template #1: a voice message for the ages

Greetings, [customer name],

‘Tis [your name] making the calls on behalf of [business name]. Just a gentle reminder of your forthcoming [service description] scheduled for [day, month, number] at [time].
If you would kindly verify your appointment by returning our call at [phone number] or sending a digital note to [email address], we’ll be ever so grateful.
Thank you!

Appointment reminder telephonic chat template #2: a lively chat with the client

Salutations, [customer name],

I am the spectacular [your name], representing [business name]. My purpose today is simply to affirm your appointment on [date] and [time]. Does that align with your undoubtedly busy schedule?
As a friendly reminder, please ensure that [dog is inside/yard is clean/gate is open, etc.] prior to our arrival.
If any adjustments are required, feel free to reach out via telephone at [phone number] or send a message to [email address].
Any inquiries, my dear?
Looking forward to our rendezvous!

Appointment reminder

Whether you’re a user of Bizvalet to conjure and launch your appointment reminders or prefer the old-fashioned DIY approach, it’s crucial to follow some golden rules.

To spread the aura of professionalism and poise around your reminders:

1. Brevity is wit’s soulmate

Regardless of your chosen mode of communication—email, text, or the classic phone call—be sure to keep it simple and snappy. Deliver the vitals without cluttering your client’s day with superfluous data.

2. Less is more, darlings

Connecting with your clients on multiple occasions regarding the same appointment is permissible, but try not to become the proverbial thorn in their side. Sometimes, one elegantly crafted message upon booking will suffice.
Alternatively, consider an informative email post-booking accompanied by a swift reminder text the day prior. Find the sweet spot that suits your style and avoid inundating your clientele.

3. Timing is everything

Opt for email when the hour is inconsequential, but always exercise caution with texts and calls. Early morning or late-night attempts to reach your clients may cross boundaries, and weekend calls are best avoided too, unless your client foresees the intrusion.

4. Mind your manners, my dears

As one would expect, any interaction with clients must always be courteous and competent. Scrutinise your reminder templates for any rogue typos and mistakes.
When sending appointment reminders personally, ensure each client’s name is accurate, spelled correctly, and that you’ve got all the service call particulars on lock before hitting send.

5. Leave it to automation, darling

Automation can be a lifesaver, especially for those swamped with appointments and an ever-growing list of clients. Choose your desired messaging, repetition, and timing, then let the magic happen.

Employing Bizvalet’s appointment reminder templates doesn’t just bestow the benefit of automation but also frees you from:

– The drudgery of manually typing and sending messages
– Blunders like misnaming clients or muddling dates and times
– The responsibility of juggling appointment confirmations
– Racking your brain to recall which client received what message and when