22 Unique Cleaning Business Ideas to Kickstart Your Company

by | Jun 13, 2023 | How-to's

22 Hilarious Cleaning Biz Ideas to Get Your Company Sweeping the Nation

So, you wanna start a cleaning business, eh? But you’re pondering which type will have you laughing all the way to the bank? Don’t fret, my friend! In this article, we’ll cover a plethora of spick and span ventures, give you the dirt on their services, and reveal the most lucrative choices.

Top-Dollar Tidy Services

As a budding cleaning entrepreneur, consider these squeaky-clean business opportunities and see which ones tickle your fancy:

1. Resi-scrub

Dabble in some residential cleaning, covering basics like kitchen and bathroom deep-clean, bedroom spruce-ups, and living space transformations.
Your solo clean machine could rake in around $40,000, but bigger crews and services bring bigger bucks.

2. Commersh-clean

Commercial cleaning ranges from sprucing up offices and retail shops to scrubbing schools, industrial settings, and weird nooks like airports.
Procuring profit, one commersh-clean contract could land you upwards of $100,000! Learn more.

3. Carpet Capers

Carpets, the filth magnets of the floor world, need expert care. Offer same-day emergency cleaning for the rug-tastrophe situations.
Carpet cleaning can fetch around $32,000 on average, but to some sky-high.

4. Window Whisking

Get your windows squeaky clean inside and out for homes and commercial properties.
Window washing gigs can earn a nifty $40,000+ per year.

5. Pressure Punch

Blast away grime on siding, fences, homes, roofs, sidewalks, driveways, and anything else that dares get dirty!
Pressured pros boast over $60k yearly!

6. Pool Patrol

Skim and chem both residential and commercial pools to keep swimmers safe.

Average pool cleaning pros make over $40k, but self-employment can drown that figure!

7. Chimney Shakedown

Chimney cleaning = fireplaces, inspections, and repairs. Jump in this sooty biz!
With elbow grease, you might earn over $200k like Patriot Chimney in your first year!

8. Bin Blitzin’

Clean up curb appeal with trash-bin cleaning: a specialized vehicle, your ride to odor-free fortune.

Clean 25 bins/day for $10 each, 5 days a week, make $65k+/year minimally! Your earning potentials lie in the number of bins you blitz.

9. Gutter Grooming

Do you have an affinity for heights and don’t mind some messy work? Say hello to gutter cleaning—the magical world of leaves, branches, and debris removal!

With the average gutter gig paying, you could rake in over $40,000 per year by completing just five of these bad boys every week! After all, there’s nothing like a high-altitude home makeover!

10. Air Duct and Dryer Vent Detox

Ah, the good ol’ lint and dust buildup! The sneaky villains of dryer vents and air ducts need a hero to swoop in and save the day—and that hero could be you! With bi-annual cleanings on the menu, you’ll have clients coming back for more blast-of-fresh-air goodness. You’ll secure more than  in your utility belt as a duct or vent cleaner extraordinaire!

11. Crime Scene Cleanup Crusader

Depending on the dastardly deeds that went down, some places need a deep scrub before they’re ready for action again. Enter the crime scene cleaner, making . You’ll be the superhero of sanitation, possibly earning even more as the boss of your own sparkling-clean empire!

12. Disaster Dazzler

When life hands you floods, fires, mold or natural disasters, you throw on your rubber gloves and get to work! Homes and offices that are down but not out need a thorough cleanse before they’re ready to return to glory. As a disaster cleaner, you could make $$ (cha-ching!) with just one job a month, adding up to a dazzling $36,000 yearly paycheck!

Specialty Cleaning Service Extravaganzas

Why not go the extra mile and fulfill your clients’ wildest cleaning fantasies? No matter the niche, try these unique cleaning services on for size:

13. Upholstery Revitalizer

Bring your clients’ couches, chairs, curtains, and fabric-covered treasures back to life with specialized steam cleaning equipment. Banish stains, infuse freshness, and make the whole space smell heavenly!

14. Closet Whisperer

When closets and cupboards get out of hand, you can step in and restore order in the blink of an eye. Offer your organizing superpowers, and prepare to change lives!

15. Wardrobe Wizardry

Delight your residential clients with added perks, like taking care of their laundry duties. You know, washing, folding, and putting away their clothes—maybe even handling some dry cleaning pickups and drop-offs, provided you don’t mind a little extra cruising time!

16. Mattress Maestro

Let’s not forget where your clients rest their weary heads! Mattresses need TLC too, and who better to flip, vacuum, and steam-clean them than a true mattress maestro like you? They’ll be floating off to dreamland on a cleaner, cozier cloud in no time!

17. Embrace your inner eco-warrior with green cleaning!

– Get your hands on those reusable, recyclable, and non-toxic goodies that Mother Earth will surely thank you for.
– Some clients dig this eco-chic vibe and will gladly shell out some extra dough to go green.

18. Vehicle detailing – Not just a fancy car wash!

– Think of it like giving your car a day at the spa – a little vacuum here, a little surface clean there, and voilà! Your ride’s looking (and smelling) as fresh as the day it rolled off the lot.

19. Move-in/move-out cleaning: A comical cycle of life

– Whether it’s the joy of moving into a new pad or the whirlwind of heart-wrenching farewells, a good clean can make or break the experience.
– Bonus: score some regular cleaning gigs for shiny new tenants too!

20. Deconstruct that construction cleaning!

– Turn that messy, dust-ridden construction site into a pristine haven, ready to welcome its excited new guests—prepare to witness the metamorphosis!

21. Foreclosure cleaning: Turning lemons into lemonade

– Hey, bad things happen to good homes, but that doesn’t mean they should stay dirty.
– Roll your sleeves up and give these foreclosed properties the deep clean they need to shine once more.

22. Niche services: Catering to the hardworking peeps

– If you’ve got a soft spot for those workaholic professionals, why not offer them some specialty services?
– Think outside the cleaning box: maybe you’re the next Martha Stewart of pet-walking or the Picasso of the grocery world.

Ready to channel your inner Mr. (or Mrs.) Clean? Pick your ideal cleaning enterprise, add on a sprinkle of specialty services, and you’ll be scrubbing your way to success faster than you can say, “nanu nanu!”